Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Specialized ED Treatment in Denver, CO

Increase performance and bring the spontaneity back to your sex life.

Treating ED with the Latest Technology

We offer  a revolutionary treatment to improve your sexual health and performance. Clinically proven to stimulate better blood flow and restore sexual function. We offer a non-surgical, completely pain free, option for addressing erectile dysfunction and restoring the spontaneity to your sex life. Even if you’ve never experience erectile dysfunction, ED treatments can help you achieve your best, most satisfying erection, at any age.

In-office Treatment with
No Downtime

Erectile Dysfunction treatments are done in-office, with no surgery, numbing, needles, downtime, or pills needed. Quick 15 minute ‘lunchtime’ treatments are easy and completely pain-free. You can return to all activities (including sex) immediately following your appointments.

Six Quick Sessions

Most men need just six quick sessions performed twice a week for three weeks. Some men notice increased sensitivity after the first treatment with marked improved by the 4th treatment. Clinical studies show results are maintained for at least one year. We highly recommend quarterly or yearly maintenance treatments to maintain your results.

Six Quick Sessions

Three Weeks

Repeat as Needed

What Treatment Feels Like

Shockwave sounds like something you don’t want anywhere near your penis, but I promise reatments are completely pain free and not at all ‘shocking’. A better way to think about the ‘shockwave’ is like an acoustic wave not a shock. During the treatment you will feel a slight gentle tapping sensation, very similar to the way it feels to stand near a subwoofer, like a tap or puff of air but zero discomfort.

More than Just ED, Optimize Sexual Performance at Any Age

Rates of ED increase 10% with each decade of life, meaning 40% of men in their 40’s will start to experience ED. Even for men having regular erections, normal aging can decrease how hard your penis gets when erect or how long you can maintain an erection during sex. Optimizing blood flow to your penis will improve sexual performance and satisfaction for men in any decade of life. Why wait? Have the best erections of your life now!

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  • In-Office Treatments

Why We Choose the Duo Technology

  • Duo’s patented electrohydraulic applicator head reaches deeper depths with 3x fewer pulses than competitors. This allows for more effective, pain free, treatment of the penile shaft and penile crus.
  • Increasing in blood flow and rejuvenation of your penile tissues will help you not only get an erection but also help you keep your erection for truly satisfying sex.
  • Duo’s restorative properties are clinically validated with published studies including hundreds male patients from around the world.


How much does it cost?

Only $3500 for all six sessions.

Why should I have ED treatment if I don’t have ED?

Duo treatments increase blood flow for all men, this enhances sexual performance, leading to harder erections, increased sexual sensation and response. The rates of ED increase 10% with each decade of life, addressing your sexual health now is the best way to have a long and healthy sex life.

Are the treatments really pain free?

Yes! You may feel a slight tapping sensation but absolutely no discomfort or pain.

Who is not a candidate?

Anyone with current or recent prostate cancer diagnosis, uncontrolled high blood pressure, a pacemaker, or who is generally not healthy enough for sex, is not a candidate.

How long will it take to see results?

Most men notice marked improvement in just two weeks around the 4th treatment; however, some men will start to notice an increase in sensitivity after the very first session. The return of or increase of morning erections is a great indicator of improvements in blood flow.

Will my results last forever?

Like all areas of the body, your penis and blood vessels will continue to be impacted by aging, we recommend biannual or yearly maintenance treatments to maintain your results.

How long to the treatments take?

Each session takes about 15 minutes to complete, and you can return to all activities immediately following your treatments.

Can I get treatment if I use medication for erectile dysfunction?

Yes! Duo treatments can decrease your reliance on ED medications, and you may not need them as often or at all after your full treatment protocol.

Do I need to be hard/erect for Duo treatments?

No, treatments are only performed on a flaccid penis.

Can Duo help my female partner have better sexual function as well?

Yes! Duo is approved for use on women and will improve her ability to achieve orgasm(s) and increase sensitivity and sexual satisfaction.

Is ED treatment right for you?

A satisfying sex life is one of the keys to a happy life! Worrying about your performance or relying on pills, decreases the fun and spontaneity of sex. Duo offers a pain free solution to restore your natural sexual function, ensuring you are ready to go at any time, any place. If you’re ready to have the best erections possible at any age, take our quiz and schedule your first Duo session now!