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About Gynecomastia Surgery

Half of all men experience gynecomastia, aka enlarged male breasts at some point in their lifetime. It is a surprisingly common problem, and when it affects you, it can be a real hit to your self-confidence. Fortunately, male breast reduction surgery offers a solution. By sculpting and reducing excess fat, treating enlarged and protruding areola, removing any palpable breast buds, and tightening loose skin, this surgery can help you regain a more masculine chest.


Men, generally over the age of 18 to allow for full development.

Areas Treated

Gynecomastia surgery addresses the breast buds, breast tissue, and excess fat on the chest.

Before Surgery

It is important to be in good health and at a maintainable weight prior to surgery. We may request that you have a comprehensive hormone panel. If you are being treated for any chronic health condition, such as high blood pressure, we will require surgical clearance from your primary care physician prior to surgery. For surgeries requiring general anesthesia, a current EKG and basic blood work are also required. All of these precautions will contribute to a swift recovery.


After surgery you will need to wear a compression garment for 4-6 weeks. These garments are thin and comfortable, but you may need to slightly alter your clothing choices to conceal the garment. You will likely be quite sore for several weeks after surgery, this soreness rarely requires prescription pain medication after the first few days. You will notice definite improvement immediately after surgery with final results 3-6 months post op.

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