Neck Lift Transformation

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The word "transformation" gets thrown around a lot in our field. If you follow any plastic surgeons, it's a filler word in the captions of most of our posts: "Transformation…

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Longevity and the medical fight against aging

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Since the dawn of human philosophy, we have accepted two profound truths: there is a slow but perpetual decline in one’s vitality after young adulthood and this decline ultimately culminates…

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On our most recent episode of Beauty and the Surgeon, we discuss AccuTite™ a new and exciting technology from Inmode.  AccuTite™ is a tiny but mighty face, neck and body…

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Research We’re Into

In this episode of Beauty and the Surgeon Dr. Martin and I discuss current research (in the health and wellness realm) that we find interesting.  Before we delve into the…

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