(ear pinning)

At any age, prominent ears can have a powerfully negative effect on your self perception and self confidence

Otoplasty (Ear Tuck)

Prominent ears affect all ages and sexes. It is almost always congenital (present since birth) and aside from molding within the first month of life, there are no effective non surgical treatments. An otoplasty or ‘ear pinning‘, offers a definitive yet natural solution. Surgery time is typically less than 2 hours and provides a permanent improvement in ear shape and appearance. Small changes in this area can really improve self perception and confidence.


Any child before the age of 6, and men and women over the of age of 14-16 (depending on development) with prominent ears.

Areas Treated

All parts of the ear can be treated including the helix, anti helix, ear lobe and concha.

Before Surgery

For many adult patients, this procedure can be completed in the office under local anesthesia but for children and all other patients, the procedure will be completed in an operating room with IV sedation or general anesthesia. For surgeries requiring general anesthesia, a current EKG and basic blood work are required. 


After surgery you will need to wear a soft band over your ears for several weeks. This band provides protection to your healing ears and helps with pain. Although soreness will be likely for several weeks, pain medication is only needed for a few days. We request that you avoid activities that elevate the heart rate for at least 2 weeks after surgery to allow for proper healing.

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