Ear Pinning: How long does it last?

Ear Pinning surgery is an amazing transformative procedure that in the right hands, has a great risk to reward ratio.  With this procedure the reward (result) is high and the risks are extremely low. For those of you considering this surgery you should be confident that your, or your loved ones, results will be exceptional and long lasting.

The most common question we get asked about Ear Pinning surgery is, “how long does it last?”  It is a critical question.  With any elective procedure, especially for a child, you want to make sure that the trouble of going through surgery has some long term benefits.  So, let's start with this question:

Patient (or Parent): “How long will the results last?” 

Me: “Done correctly and thoughtfully, these results should last forever”

Why do the results last a long time?  What guarantees that these results will be something close to permanent? The answer lies in the specifics of the surgery itself.  An Ear Pinning procedure relies heavily on really cool techniques to reshape and re-angulate the cartilage of the ear.  These techniques are what make your ear appear much less prominent. Our blog article on the specifics of the procedure provides a thorough breakdown of the steps of the procedure.  It is our (the surgeons) job to pick the right technique for the problem parts of your ear.  It is also the surgeons job to do the surgical steps correctly and this is where problems can occur.  Picking the wrong technique or not completing the surgical steps correctly can lead to a relapse of your prominent ears after surgery.  This is a known issue with this surgery and it is the biggest risk.

So how can we best reduce the risk of relapse of prominent ears after surgery?  The answer is simple: go to a Board Certified specialist that has an ample amount of training and experience with this procedure. It is so important, specifically with Ear Pinning surgery, that you pick an expert who is comfortable with this surgery.  In our office, we consider this surgery one of our specialties and we take extreme pride in our results.  If you pick your surgeon carefully, your results will be amazing.  Do your research.  It is really important.

Check out our podcast on Otoplasty (aka Ear Pinning) and we look forward to seeing you in our clinic for your complimentary consultation.