Face & Neck lift

"The natural yet definitive solution for aging of your face and neck."

About Face & Neck Lift Surgery

As we age, the appearance of our face and neck changes slowly over decades, not overnight, like we often feel. And even though getting older is something to celebrate, the joy of another year can be lessened by these changes we see on the outside. It is ok to admit that you just don’t look like you actually feel. In our office, we have the definitive solution: a Face and Neck Lift. We offer every type of Face and Neck Lift surgery, from the least invasive, to the most complex. No matter your area of concern, we have you covered.


A Face and Neck Lift is great for men and women who have age related loose or wrinkled skin and foundation changes. There is no minimum age to undergo a Face and Neck lift, however, most start considering these types of surgeries between their early 40's to early 60's.

Areas Treated

We precisely and naturally address the face, neck or any combination of the two. How we proceed will depend on your genetics, anatomy and goals. If you have more than one problem area, no problem. As all scars are extremely well hidden around your ear, short hair or up-dos are doable after surgery which keeps your options open.

Before Surgery

Having good health prior to any surgery is critical. Therefore, we will maximize your health before surgery with the assistance of your medical team. Our workup includes a current EKG for those over 50, basic blood panels and a preoperative clinical exam with a review of the risks and benefits, recovery instructions and the surgical plan.


Recovery from a Face and Neck Lift is surprisingly easy. Pain medication is rarely needed more than 1 week. A feeling of tightness is the most common complaint and this fades quickly when your swelling decreases. Sleeping at an incline is a must (2-3 pillows high) and wrapping your head at night can be helpful. The most challenging part of recovery is taking it easy when you feel so good!


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