Face and Neck Lift: Real Results at 2 Weeks (with video)

This video shows the results of a full Face and Neck Lift, 2 weeks after surgery.  She was thrilled with her results and barely had any residual bruising and swelling at this appointment.  Here are few things you need to know about our approach to a Face and Neck Lift: 

  • Aging of the face and neck is an inevitable reality of life. From unsightly wrinkles, displaced or unwanted neck fat, sagging jowls, loose and crepey neck skin, baggy eyelids, and deflated cheeks, these changes can become overwhelming for any person. Office-based procedures, such as laser treatments and “skin tightening” technologies, can tip the scale in your favor but are limited in their ability to reverse the effects of time. FaceTite and AccuTite are great middle options but in reality, for anyone over forty, a facelift  and neck lift are the only definitive treatment options.
  • In our office, we emphasize a natural restoration through a less invasive approach. The outcomes are tailored to your unique features, and technology-based treatments are front and center. It is a “less is more” approach that ensures a subtle, but rejuvenating, change. Best of all, results are long lasting and the closest we come to the modern day fountain of youth.
  • A full Face and Necklift surgery usually takes less than 4 hours to complete and is most often completed in the operating room setting.  Time of the surgery will obviously be decreased for the lesser invasive options like a mini Face and Necklift and liposuction procedures with Facetite or Accutite. These procedures can be completed in both the office and operating room settings.