Breast Augmentation: Types of Implants

If you are considering breast augmentation, understanding your implant options is an important first step in understanding what this surgery can and can’t do. It is also a good primer to review before your consult or preoperative appointment with our office.  Don’t worry, you won’t be tested on this information, but getting acquainted with the implant basics beforehand is really helpful. Use this blog article as a reference point on your journey to understand if breast augmentation is right for you.

The two main categories of implants

Contrary to popular belief all breast implants start with a similar silicone shell or covering. This is analogous to a balloon before being filled with water or air. Like this balloon example, the two main categories of breast implants differ only by how they are filled:

  • Saline implants: These are filled with sterile saltwater. In general, they tend to feel less natural and will have more visible rippling.  They are a good option if you want the ability to adjust fill volume during surgery.
  • Silicone implants: These are filled with a viscous silicone gel. In general, they have a softer, more natural look and feel. This is the preferred choice in most cases.
  • Traditional silicone fill: Older-generation silicone implants held together well but the gel was not cohesive and would leak out if the implant shell ruptured.
  • Form-stable silicone fill: “Gummy bear” aka cohesive gel silicone implant can maintain its shape even when the shell is ruptured or tears.  This gel is thicker and more bound than traditional silicone fill. Almost all new silicone implants will have cohesive gel and.

Options for different shapes

Implants don’t just come in different sizes.  They also come in different shapes.  Here is the breakdown: 

  • Round implants: These suit most patients well as they create a full symmetrical contour.  It is our go-to implant. They also come in different projections which allows us to tailor your results, from youthful and augmented to more subtle and natural. It’s your choice! 
  • Shaped or “anatomic” implants: These are contoured to mimic the slope of real breasts. The teardrop shape can appear more natural but often doesn’t give enough augmentation to the places that need improvement. 

If you are ready to move ahead, come ready to discuss

If you have a consultation scheduled with our office, below list a few things you should be ready to discuss.  We have also included links to other articles so feel free to delve further into these topics:

It all starts with deciding if this surgery is right for you and understanding your options is key to making that decision. So get yourself prepared and come ready to discuss your vision. The more educated and empowered you are, the easier the implant selection process will be. After surgery you will have nothing left to do but enjoy your beautifully transformed breasts.