Breast Augmentation: Should I do it?

If you are considering breast augmentation, you may be wondering – am I a good candidate? For many aesthetic surgeries, even one as straightforward as breast augmentation, it can be hard to know if you are a good candidate. Therefore, to help you make a more informed decision, we created this comprehensive list.  It lays out all the factors that make breast augmentation either a good or not so good, fit for you.

Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is an amazing surgery. With only one procedure, it addresses a host of issues, including the concerns you may have about the shape, size, contour, and symmetry of your breasts.  But is it right for you? Below is a comprehensive list of what makes you a good candidate: 

  • You have good overall health: Undergoing any elective cosmetic surgery or procedure requires, first and foremost, that you are healthy.  Breast augmentation is no exception. Having a good overall health status is as important as having issues that would be improved by this surgery.  There are a few medical conditions that would preclude you from undergoing this surgery, or most elective surgeries, in our office:
    • Uncontrolled diabetes: our cutoff is a HgbA1C of 6.5.
    • High blood pressure: a baseline systolic blood pressure greater than 150.
    • Notable obesity: a BMI of 30 or higher would preclude you from this surgery.
    • Conditions that require blood thinners, aka anticoagulation therapy.
    • Inflammatory conditions that require steroids or immunomodulating medications.
    • Medical issues that wouldn’t allow you to undergo general anesthesia.
    • Chronic anemia or low blood levels from blood or absorption-based conditions.
    • Recent history of smoking or vaping 
  • You have realistic expectations: Going into this surgery with a realistic idea of what it can and can’t do is key. Expertly fitted breast implants will do wonders for your breast size, shape, and projection, but they won’t lift sagging breasts or fix other structural issues. Therefore, you should focus on the specific aesthetic improvements that this surgery offers and less on the changes that you ‘hope’ can occur.
  • You simply desire bigger breasts: The number one reason for choosing breast augmentation is simply wanting larger breasts. This is the perfect surgery if your primary motivation is increased breast size and you are otherwise healthy. 
  • You want better body balance: Underdeveloped breasts or breasts that are naturally small can make your body look out of proportion. Implants can increase the size of your breast and secondarily balance out your figure. It is a win-win. 
  • Your breasts look deflated and sad: Pregnancy, weight loss, and aging cause a lot of changes to your breasts and the most notable is a loss of volume. Breast augmentation is a great option to restore a more youthful contour, especially in the upper part of your breast. 
  • Your breasts look asymmetric:  Breasts that are significantly different sizes can often be evened out with breast augmentation. 

Should you take the next step?

The FDA guidelines require that you be at least 22 years of age for the use of silicone implants and 18 years of age for the use of saline implants. This ensures that you are fully developed physically, for the best results.  But if you are 22 years of age or older, are in good health, and meet the criteria above, why wait?  This is truly awesome surgery that has dramatic and instant results. It also can boost your confidence many times more than other cosmetic procedures we offer. As long as you have realistic expectations, a breast augmentation solves most of the issues you have with your breasts, especially issues involving the shape, size, and contour. Now all you have left to do is schedule a consultation with our office today and start planning!