How to Size Your Implant

You made your decision to move ahead and now you’re wondering, “How do I pick the perfect implant size?” Doing your own research can be overwhelming because there are so many options available. Just a single implant size can come in different projections, shapes and fills. It’s confusing! So how do we narrow it down? This is where our expertise can help.  Our selection process starts with your aesthetic vision and then meticulously builds upon a few key factors.  This ensures that you get the best implant without leaving it up to chance. 

What we consider 

There are a few things we consider before narrowing down our choices for your implant.  Taking these into account will ensure that your results are natural, body positive and transformative:

  • Your anatomical measurements – For natural breast augmentation, the dimensions of your breasts are our most important consideration.  These measurements will include the width of your breast, the distance from your nipple to the base of your breast, and the distance from the base of your neck to your nipple. Using these objective metrics, not arbitrary ones like dress or cup size, takes the guessing game out of your ideal implant specifications.
  • Your desired look – Bring some photos or examples of what you like and don’t like to your appointment. This is such an important step as your aesthetic vision for your breast will be our north star during this selection process. When searching for inspiration, it is important for you to be realistic about your anatomical limitations and look at people with your same body type. With today’s implant options most of your aesthetic goals are achievable.  
  • Your lifestyle – There are many other factors that we have to take into account before selecting your perfect implant. One of those is your lifestyle. When considering one’s lifestyle, you have to look first at your daily activities: working out, work or home responsibilities and even extra extracurricular interests. We also review your sleep habits. Your clothing preferences matter, especially the more revealing options, like bathing suits. Many of these factors are more important than you would think initially. 

How we narrow it down 

Once you get a good idea of the range of implants that would work for your body, you then have to narrow down your choices, Here are the methods we use to finalize our decision:

  • Sizers – Sizer implants placed into your bras will help you “try on ” various shapes and sizes. Seeing and feeling these choices can give good insight into your final result.  It’s important to have a tighter fitting top on during this part of this selection process so that you get a better idea of what it would look like afterwards when you look in the mirror. 
  • Photos – Looking at our before and after photos of patients with your similar body type is extremely helpful. By reviewing the size of the implant that was used in a case, you can get a better understanding of what this would look like on a real person. Though not entirely accurate, computer imaging and 3D reconstructions can provide some useful visual simulations on how different implant sizes can change your breast contour. 
  • Our recommendation – Remember, we have experience analyzing thousands of breasts, and then selecting implants that fit each unique body type.  It is what we do every week! You should trust our eyes as they can make a noticeable difference in the outcome. Tailoring this selection to your anatomy and aesthetic vision is so important. We make sure both of these are taken into account in the final decision. 

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The most important takeaway: there are no “standardized” implants used in breast augmentation.  Therefore, your selection process is treated as such. Your breasts are unique and the vision you have for them should be honored. By starting with this approach, your implant specifications should be customized to your goals. With so many different implant options now available almost anything is achievable.  Taking the necessary time before surgery to make this decision ensures that you will have beautiful and natural-looking results perfectly tailored to your body.