Pre-Op Appointment:  Everything to Expect

Your breast augmentation pre-operative appointment is a major milestone. At this appointment, we finalize your surgical plans, select your implants, create a care plan, and coordinate your day of surgery details. Good preparation is the key to success.  Therefore, review the checklist below to make the most of your pre-op appointment and to help you get ready for your exciting transformation.  

The pre-operative appointment breakdown

  • Implant selection: We use implant sizers, placed in your bra, to help you visualize your results. Please wear or bring a stretchy form-fitting top to your appointment.  Come prepared to discuss your aesthetic goals including the size, shape, and contour you want. We then use measurements of your breast including your breast width, to make sure our selection fits within your vision.  Take a look at this blog article for more info on implant selection: Comparing Breast Implant Shapes and Sizes
  • Pre-op photos: The standard photography protocol includes a series of topless pre-op photos that we will use for your before and after comparisons.  So be prepared to disrobe from the waist up. These photographs are needed for our pre-surgical analysis and essential to your medical records.
  • Health history: Be prepared to discuss your medical history again, including any prescriptions, supplements, or over-the-counter medications you take. We need to wrap around your health history one more time to make sure you are still a good candidate for elective surgery.  
  • Important documents: We will confirm your e-prescriptions and you will be given pre and your post-operative instructions during this appointment. Your prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice so make sure you have the name and address of your pharmacy. Our pre and post-operative instructions will include recommended dietary changes before surgery and limitations on activity after surgery.  Carefully review all these directions with your caretaker before surgery.  It is important to plan! 
  • Informed consent: A lot of time during this appointment is spent reviewing the risks and benefits of breast augmentation surgery, aka the informed consent.  Following this discussion, you will sign the consent paperwork.   In our office this includes paperwork provided by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and the implant manufacturer. It is our responsibility to make sure you fully comprehend all the details on these documents before signing.  
  • Outstanding balance: Most offices require final payments at your pre-op appointment, assuming your surgical date has been confirmed and scheduled. So come prepared to pay your final balance.  
  • The schedule: We will confirm the surgery date, location, and arrival time at this appointment. Double-check all the logistical details before leaving. Confusion about the expected arrival time to the surgical facility, the length of surgery itself, and when you need to get picked up after surgery can create a lot of avoidable stress.
  • Support: We encourage you to bring a trusted friend, family member or caretaker to your pre-operative appointment. They can ask supplementary questions you might not think to ask.  They also will be more relaxed and helpful after surgery if they become familiar with your post-operative care plan.  
  • Your questions: Make a list of questions or discussion points ahead of time. Questions usually about implant specifics, incision site options, and recovery expectations. Refer back to your list to make sure all of this gets addressed during this appointment.  

You are almost there so it is time to get excited!

The preoperative appointment is designed to check all the boxes before surgery.  It should give you the confidence you need to move ahead and a safe space to get all your questions answered.  So stay proactive as we want your voice to be heard! Most importantly, your new breasts await!