Comparing Breast Implant Shapes and Sizes 

With breast augmentation, choosing the perfect implant during surgery is critical. This selection process is understandably confusing and considers many factors, not just the size of the implant.  We use a systematic approach starting with your unique anatomy and builds with your aesthetic vision as the guide.  This approach guarantees the most transformative results while staying true to your natural proportions. 

The basics of breast implant selection

The selection process itself is straightforward. We start with baseline measurements of your breasts and then we fine-tune our implant choices to find the perfect size, shape, and projection. There are a lot of variables we consider and your ideal implant will differ greatly from someone else. It is unique to you.  Unless your best friend is also your identical twin the implant your best friend got with her surgery has no bearing on what you will select! This is how we narrow down the selection: 

  • Width of your breast: it is important to match your natural breast width if you want natural and proportional results. By measuring your breast width, we can then use that number as the preferred base diameter of your ideal implant. You should avoid going too wide or too narrow. Like Goldilocks with the Three Bears, the width has to be just right. 
  • Implant profile: Newer implants have lots of different profile options for a set base width. Profile just means how much the implant projects off a surface when it is laid flat. You can get low, moderate, and high-profile options.  Some even have more options in between. As above, we start with a base width of an implant that matches your breast width.  We then find the projection or profile that works for you.  The more projection an implant has, the more augmented you will look after surgery.While less projecting implants will usually have more subtle natural results.  
  • Form factor: With silicone breast implants, the form factor matters. The form factor measures how well a silicone implant can hold its shape. The more cohesive and overfilled a silicone implant is, the more it will keep its shape without rippling. More form factor feels firmer and may not be as soft and mobile in the pocket. Your lifestyle and preferences help guide this selection.   A more augmented appearing breast augmentation would prioritize choosing an implant with more form factor because it holds its shape better.  An implant with less form factor would give you a more natural result and a softer-feeling breast after surgery. 

Shape and size comparisons

Implant selection is an individualized process. Remember, it is much more likely that two women who opt for the same implant size, measured in cubic centimeters (cc), will need completely different implant dimensions. So the CC size of your implant (aka volume) is just the start. We then have to ensure the implant fits perfectly into your unique breast.  Every patient is different so the selection process is truly bespoke! Take a look at this example. It breaks down how the same CC size implant can have widely different results depending on your body type:

  • Patient A: 310cc implant with a wide base and less projecting profile 
  • Patient B: 310cc implant with a narrow base and highly projecting profile

Despite being identical in CC size, these implants would give very different results. Patient A has a wider chest to start, so the implant they selected would only have a subtle change after surgery. If you have a more broad body type like Patient A, you will see less of a transformation with a less projecting implant. The cup size would likely have a subtle change. In contrast, Patient B has a narrower chest.  Therefore, a higher projecting implant would have a much more noticeable change after surgery. The cup size would likely increase significantly and the results would be much more noticeable than Patient A. The same-size implants can give two drastically different results. Check out the video above to see more comparisons.  Amy does a great job breaking down the size and shape differences and how this can change the results.  

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