Your First Breast Augmentation Consultation: What to Expect

Now that you’ve made that first step – it’s time to prepare for your upcoming breast augmentation consultation. This is an exciting and important step along your transformation journey.  To make you feel more comfortable with our process, let’s walk you through what to expect during your initial appointment.

Your first consultation breakdown

We created the checklist below to help you prepare.  This itemizes everything we need to know from you, reviews what will be discussed and goes over what you can expect if you decide to move forward:

  • What we need to know from you: Come prepared to discuss your medical history, including all current medications, supplements, and vitamins. It’s easy to forget things, so have this list ready. Be sure to fill out your online medical history beforehand and don’t forget to include:
    • Any allergies 
    • Your previous surgeries
    • If you or your family have a history of breast cancer
    • Your birth control pills & other hormonal medications
  • The exam and key discussion points:  A breast exam gives us a baseline idea of your breasts, including their size and shape.  It also allows us to assess your skin and tissue quality, including any pre-existing droopiness that would require a lift procedure. We can then make specific recommendations about the type, size, and preferred placement your ideal implant.  It also allows us to figure out the incision location that fits you. This is what you should expect:
    • To have a breast exam 
    • To discuss both of our aesthetic visions
    • An overview of our recommended implant options 
    • A breakdown of the ideal approach
  • What to expect moving forward:  We will discuss the step-by-step process for the day of surgery, review the anesthesia options, go over our surgical technique, and work through what you can expect during recovery.  This discussion will include:
    • An overview of the surgical process from pre-op through recovery
    • A review of how the surgery is completed 
    • An honest conversation about recovery 
  • Potential Risks & Complications: While complications are rare, we will have an open discussion about potential risks with breast augmentation. We will touch on the risk of infection, capsular contracture, implant rupture, rippling, and the need for revision surgery. This is what we will review with you:
    • The potential risks and complications of this surgery
    • Our approach to handling unwanted outcomes  
    • How we avoid these issues in the first place 
  • Cost Quote: Our team will provide a detailed quote which outlines the costs for your surgery. This includes an easy-to-read itemized list of the surgical fees, anesthesia fees, operating room fees, and the implants themselves.  You will receive:
    • A full list of the fully itemized fees
    • Tentative scheduling options
    • Unpressured time to ask questions with our staff
  • Before & After Photos: We have an extensive library of before & after photos of our patients with all different body types.  Looking at actual results of patients is a great way to help you figure out what you want.  We can then:
    • Have an open discussion about your goals and expectations
    • Address any sconcerns you may have about the outcome

Any Other Questions! Please come with any other questions you have about breast augmentation surgery or plastic surgery in general. Our goal is for you to not only love your results, but to have an educational, and rewarding experience under our care.  We are dedicated to your empowerment!

before after

We are excited to see you in our office

This surgery is incredibly personal. It is crucial that you feel comfortable enough to ask questions and voice any concerns. We want you to feel confident about this life-changing decision. So come prepared and together we will develop a customized plan that gives you the most body-positive results.