What’s New With 360 Degree Tummy Tucks?

Dr. Martin: One add-on procedure that delivers dramatic results for 360 degree tummy tuck surgeries is circumferential BodyTite assisted liposuction. With 360 degree lipo cases, I perform meticulous contouring not only on the outer abdomen, but also on the flanks, back, and even thighs. This approach legitimately creates a more desirable hourglass contour on top of the tummy tuck results. It’s a huge bonus.  Not only do you get flat and toned with a tummy tuck but you get an improved silhouette  with circumferential BodyTite assisted lipo.  It’s a complete refinement. 

Can you also discuss your use of BodyTite technology?

Dr. Martin: Absolutely. BodyTite allows me to perform minimally invasive liposuction using radiofrequency energy. As the BodyTite cannula moves through the areas I am treating, it gently coagulates tissue. This promotes skin tightening and melts the pesky pockets of unwanted fat. With BodyTite, you should see smoother results, somewhat tighter skin and honestly, just a better overall contour than with liposuction alone.  

For example, one of my patients in her 60s wanted to refine her torso.  She had age and pregnancy related changes that she didn’t like. She thought she needed abdominal liposuction, but I determined that 360 degree liposuction and a tummy tuck would be better. And that’s what we did. The BodyTite assisted flank lipo dramatically slimmed her waist. And the tummy tuck was able to tighten her belly and the associated muscles. She was thrilled with her results. 

Any final thoughts to share?

Dr. Martin: Procedures like 360 degree liposuction combined with BodyTite gives me the ability to offer our patients even greater transformations. Adding this onto a tummy tuck makes my results exponentially better.  Honestly, the addition of BodyTite to my practice overall has been a gamechanger and it is now our standard combo procedure with most of our tummy tucks.