What does a Tummy Tuck improve?

Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and aging, can all change the appearance of your belly, hips, and lower back.  Often these changes are frustratingly resistant to diet and exercise. Whether you have loose skin, stretch marks, stretched muscles, or just excess fat, there are surgical and non-surgical options available to improve the appearance of your midsection. The virtual consultation on our tummy tuck page will help you figure out which option is best for you. 

Here is a list of benefits of a Tummy Tuck:

Muscle repair:  Stretching of the abdominal muscles (rectus diastasis) from pregnancy or weight gain can drastically change the appearance of your belly and the functioning of your core muscles.  In our office, it is standard to combine a rectus diastasis repair with a tummy tuck.  This repair puts your core muscles back into their anatomically correct position which can improve not only the appearance of your belly but your core strength as well. 

Skin tightening and stretch marks:  Loose skin and stretch marks along your belly, hips and lower back can persist even with diligent attention to diet and exercise. Options for addressing loose skin vary based on the severity and location.  For small areas of mild to moderate loose skin, in-office minimally BodyTite with liposuction may be all you need. External skin resurfacing can help fade the appearance of stretch marks and tighten skin a bit more.  However, if you can pinch more than an inch of skin a formal Tummy Tuck offers the best way to remove all the loose skin and stretch marks. 

Contouring:  Improving the contour of the midsection through a combination of BodyTite, liposuction, and/or a tummy tuck, will flatten your stomach and give you your shape back.

Check out our Podcast, Beauty and the Surgeon for more information on Tummy Tuck and we look forward to seeing you in our clinic for your complimentary consultation.