The Scar Truth: Will My Tummy Tuck Scar be Visible?

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, one of the most common questions patients ask me about tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) is will their scar be visible. The simple answer is yes, the scar will be visible to some degree. However, in my hands, the scar placement is extremely low and easily concealed by most swimsuits and underwear. It also fades quickly and should be barely visible by 12 months after surgery. Here are the key facts about the visibility of a tummy tuck scar:


  • The incision runs hip to hip, just above the pubic area. This means it will be covered by most underwear and bikini bottoms.
  • The scar sits at least an inch below your C-section scar if you have one. It’s quite low on the torso.
  • It wraps around your hips/love handles to address loose skin there too.


  • People who see you naked will see the scar, especially when it’s freshly healed. But it fades significantly over time.
  • Wearing skimpy string bikinis will likely reveal the scar. However, most average-coverage bikini bottoms will conceal it.
  • The scar is rarely visible in daily life. Your clothing choices play the biggest role in determining if it shows.

Our techniques to minimize scarring:

  • I take great care to make the scar as inconspicuous as possible. This includes techniques like trimming excess skin for a smoother closure and supportive suturing techniques to take the tension off the incision line.
  • Belly buttons often need reconstruction too! I take a lot of pride in my belly button technique especially since it effectively hides the scar. By sewing the deep layers of the skin and belly button together I am effectively able to create an “innie” look. This avoids a “donut-like scar” around the navel that everyone dislikes.  No donuts! 
  • We also use a comprehensive and industry-leading post-operative care plan that drastically reduces scar formation



If you go to an experienced plastic surgeon, tummy tuck scars should not be a major concern. They will be placed extremely low, it will appear thin and symmetrical and it will fade drastically in the first 12 months after surgery.  Most importantly, the dramatic improvement in your figure far outweighs a small scar hidden low on your torso. Our patients feel like it is a reasonable trade.  Schedule a consultation with us to discuss the questions you may have about the scar placement and how it will actually look on your body.