Revolutionary New Scar Treatment: Embrace®

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In our clinics, we strive to remain ahead of the curve and we take pride in being early integrators of the newest technologies and treatments in plastic surgery. Therefore, we were very pleased to be selected as the first location in Colorado for introduction of embrace®, a truly revolutionary approach to scar treatment.

Embrace®, introduced by Neodyne, uses a patented Active Stress-Shielding technology (mechanomodulation) to drastically improve the appearance of scars after surgery. This innovative treatment delivers a consistent force along your scar line, shielding the scar from the tensions created during the skin’s natural healing process and from normal body movement. By reducing these tension forces, collagen proliferation is minimized and your scar heals quickly and without visibility. It also significantly relieves the residual discomfort along the scar line that is common 2 to 4 weeks after surgery.

Therapy is simple, pain free and inexpensive. It is initiated 2 weeks after surgery and requires application of an adhesive bandage across the scar line once a week for a 4 to 8 week period. There are no limitations to your daily activities and there is no application of gels or messy creams.

Whether you are recovering from a tummy tuck, breast lift or c-section or you have an unsightly scar from a previous surgery, this product is for you. This truly unique elastic post-surgical dressing is critical to making your scar heal flawlessly. We now have integrated this therapy into a majority of our surgical procedures and we are excited to share our results with you. Contact one of our offices today to be evaluated.