Research We’re Into

In this episode of Beauty and the Surgeon Dr. Martin and I discuss current research (in the health and wellness realm) that we find interesting.  Before we delve into the research articles I think it is important to discuss the following:

What is an ‘abstract’? - an abstract is a summary of the research as relayed by the person writing the abstract. This may or may not be a good representation of the actual study or the clinical significance of the findings. Think of the abstract as the CliffsNotes or Reader’s Digest version, it provides a summary but may leave out important details.


A brief note about animal studies - how (if at all) does this research translate to humans? - the brief answer is, sometimes, but the type of study and type of animal play a big role in how that data translates to humans. I bring this up not to get into the ethics of animal research, rather as a reminder that animal studies do not directly translate to humans and that needs to be taken into account when looking at research.

What type of research do we seek out? - I tend toward research around aging and cellular function, specifically as it relates to nutrition, but as Dr. Martin can attest to, I’ll read anything and everything!    

Beauty and the Surgeon

Beauty and the Surgeon

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Here are links to the full articles that we discussed in this episode:

  • Cellular aging/function - Our cells are truly amazing! As we learn more and more about the function of our cells and the expression of our DNA there are sure to be many revolutions in medicine and aging.
  • Inflammasome / Inflammaging - Managing inflammation is critical to healthy aging. Many things can impact systemic inflammation, including diet, sleep, and stress management. Managing your lifestyle factors can go a long way toward decreasing inflammation and increasing your healthy years.
  • Mindfulness - I look forward to diving into this topic more! Being more mindful in my daily life would surely improve my life and relationships. Do you practice mindfulness? If so, how has it improved your quality of life? Would you be interested in a podcast about mindfulness? 

I would love to hear what you think about these studies/areas of research. What research are you into? What’s your favorite coffee? Please comment and share your thoughts below!