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Arm Lift

Excess skin on the arms can get in the way of everyday activities and lower a person’s confidence. It can ripple and sway with your every movement and bulge out of clothing. While poor skin elasticity due to aging is often the cause of sagging skin in this area, significant weight fluctuations are the most common culprit. Once the skin is stretched by weight gain, the skin may not “bounce back” to its original tone once the weight is lost. No amount of body firming techniques can tighten this excess skin; an arm lift procedure is the only solution. I offer several techniques for the arm lift procedure, including a nonsurgical option, and the right technique for you will depend on your goals and the degree of correction you need.

Achieving Your Arm Lift Goals

The arm lift procedure is very satisfying for patients, especially for those who have lost a significant amount of weight. This procedure is the final step for many who want to achieve their ultimate goal of firm, toned arms. The arm lift also provides more options for exercise, clothing, and day-to-day activities, as it gives patients free range of movement and increased confidence in their own skin.

The Roadmap to Natural Beauty


Patients who only have a small amount of loose skin and extra fat can benefit most from non-surgical treatments.


  1. Quick in-office procedures
  2. Minimal discomfort and quick recovery when compared to traditional liposuction
  3. May require multiple treatments (four to six) to achieve the desired results
  4. Tightens and smooths skin

For patients with a combination of moderate loose skin and fat, I can combine the Smartlipo™ procedure with a short scar brachioplasty (arm tuck). This technique places the incision within the armpit, thus giving the patient the benefit of a brachioplasty without a more visible scar.

What do you desire?

Muscle Tone

If you desire minimal improvement to the appearance of your arms and excess fat is your main concern, SmartlipoTM is the solution.

With fat reduction and subtle tightening of the skin, patients can have slender arms that will likely reveal the muscle tone beneath the fat that was there.

Tighter Skin



What Are Your Concerns?


Since a surgical arm lift requires a long incision beneath the arm, many patients are concerned about the resulting scar.

My practice was the first in Colorado to implement an innovative solution to visible scarring: Embrace®. This treatment delivers a consistent force along the scar line, which shields the scar from the tensions created during the skin’s natural healing process and from normal body movement. As a result, the scar heals quickly and without visibility. It also minimizes discomfort along the scar line that typically occurs a couple of weeks after surgery.




Before & After


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for the arm lift?

Any adult can choose to have this procedure, but most patients are between the ages of 30 and 60 years and are in good mental and physical health. Patients have either excess skin, excess fat, or both, and each patient's condition will be treated with my customized approach.

What is the arm lift recovery process like?

After surgery, your arms will be wrapped in bandages or a compression garment to minimize swelling, and a small tube may be placed to drain excess fluids. You should arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and assist you for the first 24 hours or longer if you think you may need the help. You will be given specific instructions on how to care for the incisions and what to look for regarding signs of infection. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled a couple of weeks after surgery to ensure you are healing correctly and that you are satisfied with your results.

How successful is the non-surgical arm lift?

The non-surgical arm lift is best for those who have more excess fat than excess skin. In my experience, devices that tighten the skin externally only offer a 10 to 20 percent total improvement. Although this seems low, it is sizable when you consider that it is a non-invasive treatment. Most patients are very satisfied with their results and are happy they did not choose surgery when excess fat in the arms was the main concern. Some patients desire multiple treatments in order to achieve the results they desire.

What are all of the options available for a non-surgical arm lift?

The technologies for non-surgical treatments differ, and there are numerous devices on the market. These include but are not limited to devices that utilize ultrasound (VASERshape®, Ulthera®), radiofrequency (Thermage®, truSculpt™), cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting®) and laser (Titan™). Contrary to the wild marketing claims for these different technologies, the outcomes are fairly similar. Therefore, the device chosen should be based on a patient’s issues and the FDA’s approved treatment area criterion for a specific device. As no device is at the front of the pack, I advise patients to do their research, examine the financial cost closely, and seek multiple consults.

Where will the scars be located?

There are no scars with a non-surgical arm lift, short scars (about ¼ inch) with Smartlipo™, and a scar that starts beneath the arm and ends near the elbow with a surgical arm lift. The scar with surgical arm lift may be shorter depending on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. I treat all patients with the Smartlipo™ device at the same time as the brachioplasty procedure. This increases the degree of skin contraction and reduces the amount of tension required for skin closure.

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