Neck Lift Transformation

The word "transformation" gets thrown around a lot in our field. If you follow any plastic surgeons, it's a filler word in the captions of most of our posts: "Transformation Tuesday", "Amazing Transformation", "Total Body Transformation". Even on this website,, the first words you see are "Empower. Educate. Transform!" But seeing this word everywhere can diminish some of its power, and ultimately, it devalues what we accomplish in our clinic every week.

I really like this quote from Heather Ash Amar: "Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice." I think this summarizes the essence of a true transformation. It is a conscious choice. Change is an inevitable part of life, but transformation comes first from our own free will.

before after

Our patient made a choice. She didn’t like her lower face and neck. She felt that it prematurely aged her, and she wanted to transform. Most importantly, she wanted her outside to equal how she felt on the inside. A simple face and neck lift was the answer. We added in the upper eyelids for good measure, and this Before and After image is proof positive that we help people every week to truly transform.    

Things you should know about a Neck Lift:

  • You will see the most change along your jawline and the front of your neck, below your chin.
  • This procedure is also really helpful for those of you with banding or vertical visible clumping of the platysma muscle in the midline of the neck.
  • It often combined with liposuction when you have extra fat that changes your neck contour.
  • The incisions are well hidden around your ear and along your hairline.
  • The recovery is around 2 weeks, but it is rarely painful.
  • You can expect the results to be long lasting, up to ten years!
  • It pairs well with other procedures like Facelifts and Eyelid Surgery.

Check out our Face and Neck Lift page for more information.