Mini Secrets Revealed: An Inside Look at Mini Tummy Tucks

A mini tummy tuck is not a lesser version of a full tummy tuck, it’s just different. It is a unique procedure that has a few secrets that most don’t know it can do. A mini tummy targets the loose skin and fat below your belly button with a shorter, more discrete incision. Don’t let the ‘mini’ moniker fool you, this tummy tuck still provides incredible results with slightly less downtime and recovery.

Mini Tummy Tuck: Our Top Three Secrets 

  1. Treat abdominal muscle separation without a full tummy tuck. A mini tuck can bring those muscles together for a flatter, firmer look if you have diastasis recti from pregnancy or weight changes. The mini technique means less scarring too.
  2. Combine with liposuction for contouring. A mini tuck eliminates loose skin, while liposuction targets lingering fat deposits. Used together, they can contour your lower abdomen for dramatic results. 
  3. Combine with other procedures for dramatic results. One of the best secrets is that a mini tummy tuck integrates seamlessly with liposuction, breast augmentation or lift procedures. Addressing multiple areas in one surgery means less you can maximize results and minimize downtime.

The Mini Option May Be Your Best Option 

The benefits of a mini tummy tuck often come as a welcome surprise to patients who have written off tummy tucks as too invasive. With slightly shorter recovery times and scarring, mini techniques are an appealing option for anyone with lower belly bulges and/or muscle separation after pregnancy. Contact our office today to see if you’re a candidate for a mini tummy tuck.