Making Natural-Looking Belly Buttons With a Tummy Tuck

If you are considering a tummy tuck, you probably want a slimmer and more toned-looking belly but have you thought about your belly button, and how it might look after surgery? The appearance of the belly button is an important factor in creating natural-looking tummy tuck results. Many plastic surgeons don’t pay enough attention to belly button aesthetics, leaving patients with an unnatural ring-shaped scar around their navel.  This donut scar can detract from your results because the scar is so visible. At our practice, we take a meticulous approach to crafting beautiful belly buttons.  We take pride in making them look natural and in some cases even better than they did before surgery. 

Our Technique for Natural-Looking Belly Buttons

 It takes effort to create natural-looking belly buttons:

  • The incision for our tummy tucks is very low, at least an inch below the C-section scar line. This helps the scar fade and be hidden under most underwear and swimsuits.
  • We anchor the deep abdominal skin flap down to the fascia overlying the abdominal muscles in four quadrants around the belly button. This “invaginates” the belly button inward for that desirable “innie” look.
  • Outie belly buttons often result in a visible circular scar after surgery. Our technique avoids this by hiding that ring scar at the base of your reconstructed belly button.
  • Our unique suturing technique secures your belly button skin to the fascia overlying your belly muscles, ensuring that it maintains its natural position and heals as an innie. 
  • When suturing the belly button, we carefully match its original placement, shape, and orientation on the abdomen. 

The Benefits of Our Belly Button Approach

It just looks better when a post-tummy tuck belly button actually looks like a normal belly button:

  • The results look natural, not surgical. Our patients are happy that they still “look like themselves.”
  • The scar around your belly button is not visible when your belly is exposed.
  • No unnatural ring-shaped scars and no weird-shaped belly button openings.
  • The belly button appears youthful and proportionate to your flat and tightened belly.

Check out this belly button before and after



Your Belly Button Matters!

It seems like some plastic surgeons don’t prioritize belly button aesthetics with tummy tucks. Your belly button is a focal point on your torso and visible scarring there is really dissatisfying. Our technique addresses the scarring issue by re-creating a natural-looking ‘innie’ belly button. If you’re considering a tummy tuck be sure to ask your surgeon about their specific approach to crafting the belly button. This small detail makes a big difference in creating transformative results.  If you like our results, schedule a consultation with our office and see if you are a candidate for a tummy tuck procedure.