Loose Belly Skin Treatment Comparison

I think it is important to provide a brief overview of some of the latest options we offer patients looking to contour their bodies and tighten loose skin. This is especially helpful if you are also considering a Tummy Tuck procedure.  Understanding your treatment options is especially important when you want to treat that annoying loose skin on your belly.  

The Tummy Tuck Alternatives

One of the most popular procedures we offer in our clinic is liposuction combined with energy-based technologies.  We refer to this as energy-assisted liposuction.  It uses technologies like laser, ultrasound, or radiofrequency energy to help break up and remove fat while also stimulating collagen production in the skin for tightening. It leads to less bruising and swelling compared to traditional liposuction. The results can be remarkable. Some of the specific techniques we use include:

  • BodyTite: This pairs internal and external radiofrequency energy with liposuction for fat removal and skin tightening. The heat stimulates new collagen growth leading to firmer, smoother skin in the treated areas.
  • SmartLipo: This uses a laser fiber delivered through a cannula to liquefy fat before it’s suctioned out. The laser energy also tightens skin. There is less bleeding and bruising with SmartLipo compared to traditional liposuction.
  • VASER Lipo: This uses ultrasound energy to selectively break up and emulsify fat before it’s removed with gentle suction. Like the other energy-assisted methods, it also promotes skin tightening through collagen stimulation.

BodyTite Compared to a Tummy Tuck 

While these technologies are excellent at providing some degree of skin tightening, a surgical procedure like a tummy tuck remains the gold standard for dramatic, longer-lasting tightening of loose belly skin. During a tummy tuck, excess skin and fat are surgically removed and the abdominal muscles are tightened. Results are transformative, with what feels like 100% or more skin tightening in the treated areas.  BodyTite is the most effective energy-assisted liposuction option but it only offers, at best, a 30% improvement in skin tightening.  So there really is no comparison. 

The Skin Tightening Summary 

Energy-assisted liposuction with definitely give you some skin tightening improvements.  Of the current options on the market, BodyTite is the most powerful.  But a surgical tummy tuck can provide the most dramatic, long-lasting tightening, especially for those of you with a lot of excess, sagging skin. 

I’m happy to discuss which option may be right for your unique needs and goals.  Schedule a consult with us today.