How a Breast Reduction can improve your Quality of Life

There aren't many cosmetic procedures or surgeries that offer a more positive impact on your Quality of Life (QoL) than a Breast Reduction. It is amazing how transformative this surgery is and how truly life changing it can be.  A big part of this transformative effect is that this surgery improves you both functionally and aesthetically.  For most women the functional improvement is the life changing result.  The list below details some of the improvements you can experience from a breast reduction.  

  1. Improved posture: Standing tall with heavy breasts can be a tall order, the weight constantly pulling on your shoulders can lead to a hunch or shoulder forward position.  The medical description of this is a kyphotic stance.  Breast Reduction surgery literally takes the extra weight off your chest allowing your back and shoulders to relax.  This allows you resting posture to improve and become more upright effortlessly.

  2. Less neck, shoulder and back pain:  Most of our patients with large breasts complain about pain in these areas and it is one of the most common functional reasons they seek out surgery.  By reducing the weight and strain on your muscles and ligaments, Breast Reduction surgery has amazing physical effects on the upper body. This surgery often reduces or alleviates chronic pain greatly improving your QoL.. 

  3. Easier to exercise:  Exercising with heavy breasts can be very challenging and many of our patients have to wear two or three bras while exercising. Breast Reduction surgery has a freeing effect and can change your relationship with exercise, especially high impact exercises and cardio. Running and jumping will no longer be your nemesis.  

  4. No more breast discomfort: Carrying the weight of large breasts is not the only issue, often our patients have discomfort sleeping and sometimes have skin issues related to sweating and chaffing.  In most cases a breast reduction also lifts your breasts reducing skin on skin contact and nighttime movement.

Improve your self perception:  One of the best parts of a Breast Reduction surgery is that you can bring balance back to your body. Many women with large breasts have spent years trying to downplay the size of their breasts and fend off unwanted attention from a young age. Reducing the size of your breasts to better match your body can significantly improve your self confidence.