Eyelid Tuck vs. Browlift: What do I need?

Deciding if you need a Brow Lift or Eyelid Tuck is not always so straight forward.  Many of the issues that people blame on heavy eyebrows are actually from too much upper eyelid skin. In these instances, an Eyelid Tuck can fix the problem and a Brow Lift isn’t necessary. And the reverse is also true. People often blame their droopy eyelids on excess skin, when it is actually due to heavy eyebrows. In this case, a Brow Lift is an answer. For those of you with really heavy brows, you don’t need to see me to know you need a Brow Lift, it is obvious.  But for those of you who have eyebrows that are just a little droopy or heavy, how do you decide if a Brow Lift is right for you? The decision making process is actually fairly simple but it does take an aesthetic eye to make the correct decision.  If this is you, I have included a decision making tree below, to help you find out what is right for you.  Check it out:

Brow Lift vs. Eyelid Tuck vs. Combo of the 2

  1. Where does your eyebrow sit?  Does it sit above, at the level of or below your brow bone, the bone that sticks out above your upper eyelid?
    • Above: You definitely need an Eyelid Tuck. A Brow Lift is not indicated.
    • At the level of the brow bone: For Men, you most likely only need an Eyelid Tuck.  For women, you will need an Eyelid Tuck vs. an Eyelid Tuck with Brow Lift (Combo Procedure).
    • Below the brow bone:  You definitely need a Brow lift but go to #2 to find out if you also need an Eyelid Tuck (Combo Procedure).
  2. The preferred shape of your eyebrow is a subtle arch with the highest point being more on the outside or ⅔ away from the inside corner of your eye and ⅓ in from the outside edge of your brow.  When you lift your brow in this area, does this take away the excess skin that hangs over your upper eyelids?
    • Yes: You will only need a Brow Lift.
    • No:  A Combo Procedure is required 
    • It is improved but the excess skin is still there: You will most likely need a Combo procedure.

As you can see, where your eyebrow sits in relation to your brow bone is a big factor in deciding if you are a candidate for a Brow Lift.  how your eyebrow arches in relation to your eye will also tell you if a Brow Lift will make a difference.  For reference, the highest point of your eyebrow arch should line up with the outside edge of your iris (colored part of the eye).  Lastly, if you elevate your eyebrow and you still have excess skin of the upper eyelid, a Combo procedure will be necessary.  

Clearly there are exceptions to every rule but the decision making tree above should be helpful to almost all of you.  Check out our Podcast, Beauty and the Surgeon for more information on Eyelid Tuck and Brow Lift and we look forward to seeing you in our clinic for your complimentary consultation.