Eyelid Tuck/Browlift: Awake & in the office. Really?

Really!  A majority of our Upper Eyelid Tucks and Brow Lifts are completed in the office, awake and with local anesthesia. Why do we like this approach? In-office surgery has many benefits.  First, it avoids the extra expense of an operating room and anesthesiologist. Secondly, it limits the postoperative sickness people often struggle with after stronger anesthesia.  And lastly, you avoid having to go to a surgical facility or hospital.  

Here is a quick rundown of what it will be like for you, in our office, on the day of the procedure:  You will arrive at our office 30 to 40 minutes before the procedure start time.  If you did not complete your consents and photographs at your preop visit you will do them on arrival.  Prior to numbing the area(s) we will outline the treatment areas with surgical markers, these markings will either be in your hairline (Brow Lift) or in the creases of your eyelids (Eyelid Tuck). Very small needles are used to inject the numbing medication ensuring a pain free surgery.  You will then be escorted to the procedure room, where you lay on your back and your treatment areas are coated with a sterilizing solution. Procedure times vary, but the average length of the procedure is around 1 hour. Afterward, you will be cleansed and a surgical dressing is applied. Within 15 to 30 minutes, you will be discharged to the care of a friend or family member. Due to swelling and potentially limited field of vision following your procedure, you will not be able to drive yourself home afterward.

It is really that easy.  You will be comfortably at home, with ice on your eyes, before the local anesthesia even wears off.  Pain following this procedure is generally minimal and only requires OTC pain medicaion.  It is truly the best case scenario.

Check out our Podcast, Beauty and the Surgeon for more information on Eyelid Tuck and Brow Lift and we look forward to seeing you in our clinic for your complimentary consultation.