EmbraceRF: Footage From An Actual Case

This before and after photo shows how well Facetite works for the excess skin and fat that accumulates directly underneath your chin and jawline with age. Facetite is our first line treatment for most aging problems of the neck.  It is an in office awake procedure that can rejuvenate many parts of your face and neck and uses local anesthesia to keep you comfortable.  It takes less than an hour  and has a recovery time that is much less than a face or neck lift.  It is a great option for those of you who aren’t ready for formal surgery.  

For anyone with mild to moderate loose skin and fat of the neck, Facetite is our go to option.  It really does improve the definition along your jawline and your profile.  But, even if you don’t have a lot of fat on your neck, like this patient, Facetite can still make an improvement.  This is especially true for the loose skin underneath your chin that ages you.  

Many times, we will combine a Facetite procedure with a Morpheus treatment of the neck skin to get even more skin tightening.  This is also known as an EmbraceRF procedure.  We prefer to add on Morpheus8  treatments whenever possible.