Choosing the Ideal Size: An Insider’s Guide

One of the most common implant questions I get from patients interested in breast augmentation is “what is the best size for me?” It is a great question, especially since the process of selecting implants can be overwhelming. There are just so many options and how do you know what will be the best fit?  Fortunately, the answer comes into view at your pre-operative appointment.  With our help, this is where your implant options are narrowed down and the overall direction becomes much more clear.  We make the selection process collaborative and arm you with the right information so that you can be excited about the final decision.  So let’s get this selection process started!

Selecting the perfect implant: size matters

It is important to restate that selecting the perfect implant takes a collaborative process. You need to come to your pre-operative appointment prepared to discuss your aesthetic vision for your breasts.  On our end, we will help you narrow down the options to ensure that we stay focused on those goals.  This process starts with considering a few key factors:

  • Breast width: We begin by carefully measuring the width of your breasts. This measurement serves as the basis for choosing an appropriately sized implant that gives you body balance while also ensuring you have the most desirable results. 
  • Consider projection: Implants vary in their level of forward projection.  The amount of projection will impact your outcome, especially with the appearance of your cleavage and overall breast shape. During your pre-operative appointment, we will have you try on sizers to visualize how implants with different projections change your appearance. More projecting implants add more fullness at the top of your breast.  They also reduce visible rippling when overfilled but the downside is that they can appear more augmented. 
  • Body balance: It is important that you look to your own body, not your friend’s or sister’s body, as the guide. The perfect implant will complement your natural contours. Larger, ultra-high-profile options can create a very augmented appearance, while more moderate profiles provide a more natural appearance.  This is where communicating your aesthetic goals makes the biggest difference and will help us guide you through the selection.  
  • Think beyond cup size: Two patients asking for the same “cup size” will almost always end up with entirely different-sized implants. This is because the selection process first and foremost depends on their body proportions and these can vary drastically from one person to another. It is important that you keep an open mind when you consider implant sizes.  Using cup size alone can be misleading.
  • Trust our experience: We want you to feel confident with your choice and in turn love your results. And we are dedicated to you! Rely on our expertise and less on anecdotes.  Our recommendation process is very consistent.  We use your custom measurements as the foundation. Next, we embrace an open communication style that emphasizes education to narrow down the choices further. Lastly, we rely on our keen artistic eye to finalize our picks.
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The perfect size, the perfect you!

Choosing the perfect implant size is a collaborative process that uses the pre-operative appointment as a time for exploration.  At this appointment, you should be prepared to “try on” various implant sizes and profiles. Seeing and feeling the differences will help you understand your options. Together, we will select the ideal implants. These will be tailored to your aesthetic goals and most importantly, we will find your perfect size! Let us know if you have any other questions about selecting the perfect breast implant.