Breast Augmentation: what it can and can’t do

Your go-to guide for breast augmentation 

Do you have questions about what breast augmentation can and can’t do? If your answer is yes, then this go-to guide has you covered. In it, we discuss the benefits and limitations of this popular procedure.

What breast augmentation can do:

  • Increase your breast size: This is the primary goal for most patients. Implants can significantly enhance breast fullness simply by increasing your cup size.
  • Improve your shape and add perkiness. Many women want fuller, rounder, and more desirable breasts. By selecting the perfect implant for you, contour, along with projection, can be notably enhanced. 
  • Address your asymmetry: Many women have asymmetric breasts and breast implants can even things out, especially in regards to size. It can also improve your body balance, helping your top half equal your bottom half. 
  • Restore your lost volume after pregnancy or weight loss. Childbirth, weight loss, and even aging can leave breasts looking deflated and sad. A breast augmentation restores what was lost, and often makes it better than what you started with.
  • Boost your self-confidence: Besides improving the shape, contour, and symmetry of your breasts, breast augmentation offers an emotional transformation.  It can restore your self-confidence by building up your self-image. A win-win.
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What breast augmentation can’t do: 

  • Lift your sagging breast:  When breasts sag and droop, implants alone won’t put them back into a desirable position. A breast lift procedure with or without breast augmentation, is the only definitive way to lift breasts.
  • Make your stretch marks less visible: Breast implants are always placed under the breast tissue and most often, also under the chest muscle. Therefore, even though breast implants in these positions will stretch out the skin and soft tissue, skin imperfections will likely remain.  That is the reality of this surgery.
  • Make your breasts look 100% natural:  Breast augmentation that is completed conservatively often has an extremely natural appearance.  But, there is always a chance of subtle implant show, especially for those of you with small breasts.  Fat transfer, although limited in its ability to transform your breasts, is the only 100% natural option. 
  • Guarantee your breasts are symmetrical: Breast augmentation is a great way to make your breasts more even but it can’t guarantee perfect symmetry. Therefore, although improved balance is a guarantee, slight unevenness may persist after surgery.
  • Your breast augmentation surgery will last forever: Breast augmentation is not considered a permanent procedure.  You should expect that there will likely be more surgeries to revise and refresh your breasts, in the near or distant future. 

So what are your next steps?

If you feel like breast augmentation is right for you, the next step is to schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment with our office. We can then complete an evaluation, and most importantly let you know if breast augmentation is a good fit. FYI, if you need a lift, we will let you know that too. it’s better to find that out upfront so you can plan accordingly.  

While breast augmentation surgery has a few notable limitations, it can dramatically improve your breast size, shape, and contour, while boosting your overall confidence. The key, for those of you considering this procedure, is to be realistic about what it can achieve. But in expert hands, it is an amazingly transformative surgery that can help you look and feel your very best!