Breast Augmentation: Tuberous Breast Results (with Video)

A tuberous breasts deformity (TBD) is a difficult problem to treat. Women with TBD have breasts that don’t develop normally from birth, often look very asymmetric and have breasts that appear tight and spread apart.  Our patient in this video presented with a mild tuberous breast deformity (TBD) that actually worsened after pregnancy.  We chose to tackle this problem with a periareolar (only around the areola) lift and a breast augmentation with silicone breast implants.  As you can see from the results, this was a great approach.  In one surgery, it gave her the breast size, shape and symmetry she had been desiring for years. 

Here are a few characteristics about TBD:

  1. It is congenital (since birth) and it can occur in men or women
  2. Can affect one or both breast 
  3. Breast tend to be smaller, asymmetric and spaced farther apart
  4. The breast(s) often have a narrowed base, pointy shape and puffy areola

Treatment of TBD

  1. Expansion of the lower part of the breast that is constricted with breast augmentation alone or with a two stage procedure that includes initial tissue expansion. 
  2. Also combining the breast augmentation with an around the areola only breast lifting procedure also works well
  3. It is important to release of the soft/breast tissue below the areola to allow for a more normal appearing breast fold and contour.