Breast Augmentation: Preparing For Recovery

You’ve made it through the initial breast augmentation consultation and you scheduled your surgery. The big day is just a few weeks away! Woohoo! While it’s normal to feel a sense of nervous excitement, you will also need to start preparing for the after. To help you along this journey, check out our recovery preparation guide.  It will get you ready both mentally and logistically ready for the healing phase that follows your upcoming surgery.

Everything you need to get done before surgery

Preparation is the best way to make your recovery a breeze.  Below is a comprehensive list of what you need to do before surgery.  Checking these boxes will pay huge dividends after surgery: 

  • Review post-op instructions thoroughly: The post-operative instructions detail how you can successfully recover.  This includes instructions on caring for your incision, guidance on your medications, restrictions on your activity, and things to look out for. We recommend that you read through these instructions with your caretaker and discuss any questions or concerns you have with them. It really is important to know the warning signs to watch for that require our input.  Remember, no concern is too small. 
  • Plan for your first post-op appointment: You will likely have your first post-op appointment scheduled within a week of surgery.  Make sure your caretaker knows when this is scheduled so you can plan your transportation, to and from our office. You will most likely be on prescription pain meds and not able to drive. Also, ride sharing services are not recommended when you are still on prescription pain medications for safety purposes. 
  • Get prescriptions filled: Pain medication and antibiotics will most likely be prescribed so make sure you fill these beforehand.  Don’t wait until after surgery! You will need them right when you get home from the procedure itself.
  • Purchase the recommended items:   We will recommend special items including bras, ice packs, pillows, or other aids to support your healing. It is important that you order anything you need in advance and make sure everything else is on hand. We highly recommend investing in a structured pillow or cushion system for sleeping upright and taking pressure off your chest.
  • Organize Your Home: It is important to plan for a period of limited mobility, especially with the use of your arms.  Therefore, move your frequently-used items around your living space within easy to reach areas. Even ordinary tasks can be challenging after surgery. Place dishes, toiletries, clothes, chargers, remotes, and anything else you use at waist level.  This avoids having you painfully reach up or down for items.
  • Set up a recovery station: Put all your post-operative supplies nearby, in a readily accessible location.  This will include anything and everything you need in the first few days after surgery. Be creative!
  • Prep easy meals: Stock up on frozen meals, packaged foods or healthier meal prep options in advance.  You won’t want to cook so this will make a huge difference in the first week of recovery.
  • Plan to be comfortable: Loose-fitting clothes and slip-on shoes are a must. As your swelling and discomfort subsides, you’ll want flowy button-downs, zip-up tops, and stretchy bottoms with sandals, slides, or slippers.  Just think cozy and comfortable! 
  • Schedule help: Line up your friends and family to help.  They will need to drive you to appointments, assist with life tasks like laundry, child or pet care.  If they are not staying with you, it is important that they check in with you periodically. Make sure they also have our contact information also.

Surgery is Just Around the Corner – Are You Ready?

It’s normal to feel nervous about what is to come, but try and focus on the excitement! Remind yourself why you chose this surgery and all the benefits it will bring. Preparation will help ease your anxiety so that when the big day comes, everything will be in place for your recovery.  And you will be enjoying your new breasts before you know it!