Breast Augmentation: Choosing Your Surgeon

Selecting the right surgeon is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when choosing to do a breast augmentation. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to try and decide who to trust. As someone who has been an expert in this surgery for many years, I do have a unique and helpful insider’s viewpoint. So in hopes of giving you more confidence in your decision, here are my insider tips for finding the best breast augmentation surgeon in your area.

Selecting a surgeon: important points and my insider tips

  • Make sure they are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the Royal College of Surgeons. This rigorous certification process ensures your surgeon has undergone the necessary training while meeting the highest ethical standards. 
    • Insider tip: Stay away from doctors claiming board certification from unofficial “cosmetic surgery” boards.  
  • Look for a surgeon whose aesthetic style matches yours. If the results don’t align with your goals, keep looking. You want a surgeon who understands and who can deliver your desired results.
    • Insider tip: Examine the surgeons before and after photos, and pay special attention to the body types similar to yours.  Do you like what you see?
  • Schedule consultations with 2-3 surgeons. Pay attention to how comfortable you feel with each one. Does the surgeon and his or her office staff attentively address all your questions/concerns? 
    • Insider tip: The right surgeon will guide you through the steps of the process while respecting your voice. If you don’t feel that the surgeon is hearing you, then your results will probably not line up with your expectations. 
  • Confirm the surgeon operates in an accredited surgical facility. This is very important as it ensures the highest safety standards are met for your surgery. 
    • Insider tip: In-office surgical suites are often not accredited as accreditation is a costly process. If your surgeon is going to complete this surgery in his or her office, ask to see their accreditation paperwork.
  • Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. Cut-rate surgeons and surgery centers often cut corners on quality of care to keep the price artificially low.  This includes using substandard implants for your surgery. 
    • Insider tip: Focus on finding a skilled, reputable surgeon, not just the cheapest option.  Price is a factor but it should not be the most important one.

In summary: what matters most with this decision

Take the time to do your research and complete at least 2-3 consultations. Find a surgeon who gives you a feeling of trust and attentively listens to your questions and concerns. Make sure you also get a good feeling from their office staff. If the vibe is bad, that is often indicative of bigger problems in their practice. Ask yourself: Does the surgeon’s work align with “my” aesthetic vision?  Also, is the plastic surgeon board-certified and do they operate in an accredited facility? And most importantly, don’t rush your decision. Make sure you choose your surgeon for the right reasons, not just based on price. If you find a surgeon you like after following these recommendations, you can be confident about your decision. Most importantly, you can move on to being excited about your upcoming results!

  • My last insider tip: In our office, we offer both telehealth and in-person consultations.  If your options aren’t panning out and you want an alternative opinion, feel free to make an appointment with me. I love this surgery and I would be happy to give you my recommendations.