Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Loose skin and excess fat around the belly is a frustrating reality of life for many of our patients. Even though their stories differ, the findings are always the same: annoying, sagging belly skin from pregnancy and weight loss or too much belly fat from weight gain and hormone imbalances. Focusing on diet and exercise is necessary, but some of these issues are impossible to hide or change without surgery. For most patients, Tummy Tuck surgery offers a definitive option. By removing loose skin and stretch marks and by flattening a “poochy” belly, Tummy Tuck surgery returns your belly back to its more toned and youthful self.

Eliminate Loose Skin

If you have excessive loose and sagging skin around your belly, weight loss and core strengthening exercises will offer little improvement. A Tummy Tuck removes all of the excess skin, giving your belly a more flattened and youthful appearance while improving definition.

Correct a “Poochy” Belly

We see “poochy” bellies a lot in our clinic. The biggest culprits for “pooch” development are pregnancy and aging. Each can cause the abdominal muscles to loosen and, in some cases, split apart (rectus diastasis). With either loosening or splitting, the belly protrudes. Core exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles, but they offer little help in reducing a “poochy” appearance. Only a Tummy Tuck can tighten the muscles AND bring them together. This, in turn, will give the belly a much flatter and more toned appearance.

Slim Down, Lose the Fat

Men and women who are considering tummy tuck surgery often have excess fat around the belly and the hips (aka “the spare tire”). Liposuction combined with a tummy tuck will remove most of the excess fat, resulting in a much slimmer midsection.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common, especially with large weight fluctuations and pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are very few non-invasive solutions to improve their appearance. A Tummy Tuck will address most of these unsightly stretch marks during the procedure, as a majority are removed along with the removal of the excess skin. The residual stretch marks will also have an improved appearance once the skin is tightened.

Relieve Back Pain

Your core muscles are essential in providing support to your lower back. When the core muscles are loose or split apart, as is often seen following pregnancy, the support for the lower back is decreased. By tightening the abdominal muscles during a Tummy Tuck, your core muscles can provide more support to the lower back, thus helping to relieve any pre-existing back pain.

Permanent, Long-Lasting Results

With only three to four hours of surgery time, a tummy tuck combined with liposculpting provides one of the most dramatic transformations I offer at my clinic. It will permanently remove stretch marks and excess skin, tighten loose muscles, and contour your bulging hips and belly. As long as you maintain a stable weight and choose a healthy lifestyle, you should feel confident that your results will last for many years.

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