Are Tummy Tucks Safe?

Thinking of getting a tummy tuck but worried about the risks? While all surgeries have some risk, a tummy tuck is considered an extremely safe procedure in the hands of a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon.

The Risk Breakdown

Here’s why you can feel confident about your safety when undergoing this transformative surgery:

  • Less complications. A tummy tuck has a very low risk of life-threatening complications. Serious risks from a tummy tuck are extremely rare, especially when compared to the risks we all take during our daily activities, like driving. Most importantly, reputable surgeons and surgical facilities prioritize patient safety above all else. Risk mitigation is their top priority. 
  • Shorter procedure time. A tummy tuck takes 2-3 hours typically, which is an average amount of time for a body contouring procedure. This is a very safe amount of time under anesthesia and even if that time is extended to 4-6 hours, as we do with mommy makeovers, the procedure time is still lower than compared to more complex surgeries.
  • Lower anesthesia doses. Plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists work together to lower the doses of anesthesia you receive during a tummy tuck.  In reality, these doses are much lower than the doses used during  orthopedic procedures or other complex surgeries. The types of anesthetics needed for a tummy tuck are also less caustic and are cleared from your body quickly.  With the addition of long lasting local and regional anesthesia, like a TAP block for example, you can further reduce the need for anesthetics that have unwanted side effects.  
  • Mobility after surgery. Patients are encouraged to get up and move around in the early days after surgery to prevent blood clots and infection. This focus on early mobility can really boost your recovery by increasing circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage. and ensures that you heal without unwanted complications. 
  • Younger patient demographic. Most tummy tuck patients are under 50. Younger people typically have lower overall surgical risks, more energy, better support systems, and greater resilience to bounce back after surgery.  This is a huge positive for surgeries like this which can have increased postoperative discomfort and tightness. 
  • Manageable risks. Common risks like infection, isolated bleeding, seroma and scar formation are rare but manageable if they occur.  Sticking to a comprehensive postoperative plan. This will help you avoid these types of complications while ensuring the quickest recovery. 

Be Confident in Your Decision

While no surgery is risk-free, a tummy tuck performed by a board certified plastic surgeon is considered a low risk procedure. If you take your time to find the right surgeon, follow all their pre and post-op instructions, you can feel confident about your decision.