A Better Looking Butt!

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I see many patients in my office who complain about having an annoying  “spare tire” around their waist. Starting at their midsection and extending around to their lower back, this spare tire creates a blocky waist appearance and an ill defined transition between their lower back and upper butt. It’s a real problem but we have the answer! Although it’s lesser-known, one of the bigger benefits we see from our 360-degree tummy tuck procedures is better definition of the upper butt and a more curvaceous waist. 

The 360-degree difference

During a 360-degree tummy tuck, we aggressively liposuction along your back, waist, and hips. By carefully removing this excess fat, the end result is a beautifully sculpted lower torso circumferentially…360 degrees!

A Picture Doesn’t Lie

Take a look at this patient’s before photo – you can see a little excess fat along her back blunting the transition from her lower back to her butt. It’s an area that really frustrated her and she really disliked how it looked in clothes. After her procedure, the difference is striking! Her upper butt is shapely and defined, almost like she had a BBL. But it was just the sculpting we did above and below her butt that gave her this beautiful and natural silhouette. This change translated beautifully into how her clothes fit. She looks fantastic and is thrilled with the new definition between her back and butt.

Improve Your Backside!

So if you struggle with an ill-defined lower back and butt don’t fret. If you can’t tell where your back ends and butt begins, , a  tummy tuck with 360 degree liposuction can provide dramatic improvements. It’s one of the secret benefits of an already transformative procedure and it will give you an entirely new and improved silhouette. Contact my office today to learn more about how I can give you a defined waist, flat tummy, AND a beautifully contoured backside