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Our video consultation service for telemedicine, allowing for remote consultations and care

About TeleHealth

Set up a virtual consult with Dr. Martin, from the comfort of your own home, using a HIPPA-compliant live video service.

What is TeleHealth?

Telehealth allows you to be seen by and interact with Dr. Martin virtually, from the comfort of your own home, using a HIPPA-compliant live video service.

How does TeleHealth work?

Telehealth is virtually the same as an in-person appointment. You are face- to- face with Dr. Martin, an examination can be completed, and you will have all of your questions and concerns addressed. Dr. Martin will create a care plan and we can even give you a surgical estimate.

What are the benefits of TeleHealth?

You get to meet or follow up with Dr. Martin without leaving your home and with no disruption in your medical care. You will save time and effort, too! Most importantly, it is as easy as turning on your phone, tablet or computer!

What is required?

The only thing you will need is a device (phone, tablet or computer) with a front facing camera function, and a connection to the internet.

meet with Dr. Martin without leaving your home 

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