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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy, improves the shape of the breasts and lifts them into a more youthful position on the chest. With every breast lift patient, I consider their goals for the procedure, personal preferences, physical anatomy, and health history to create a surgical plan and outcome that is completely customized. The new, youthful breast contour and sense of confidence this procedure brings demonstrates its beautiful results and high rate of satisfaction.

Who Can Benefit?

When considering a breast lift, you should first determine which of the following groups best describes your breast type.

Sagging Skin and Volume Loss

Sagging Skin and Volume Loss

Aging, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations can all contribute to breast sagging and volume loss. Many patients have excess breast skin, a pendulous breast shape, and nipples that point downward or fall below the breast crease. A breast lift will correct all of these concerns. The sagging skin that results from volume loss will be improved with a breast lift; however, the volume cannot be restored or enhanced without accompanying the breast lift with a breast augmentation.




Asymmetrical breasts are very common. Genetics, weight fluctuations, aging, and pregnancy can influence the size and shape of each breast and make them appear different from one another. A breast lift can be performed on one or both breasts to provide symmetry and balance. In some cases, breast augmentation on one or both breasts may be needed to complement this procedure.




The size and shape of a woman’s breasts are affected by pregnancy. Whether or not a mother chooses to breastfeed, her breasts will go through a significant amount of changes from the beginning of pregnancy to after childbirth and lactation. Volume loss, changes in shape and size, and ptosis do occur. The breast lift procedure will provide a youthful result that restores the breasts to their pre-pregnancy youthfulness.


Breast Lift Revision

Breast Lift Revision

Breast lift revision is usually chosen to improve aesthetics, to accompany a revision augmentation, or to correct scarring.

  • Aesthetics: Some women are simply not satisfied with their initial breast lift results, whether their breasts are not symmetrical or not as youthful as they had hoped, and they choose to undergo revision surgery.
  • Combined with breast augmentation revision: When breast implants are removed or replaced with smaller implants, a breast lift is typically part of the revision procedure.
  • Correct scarring: While scarring is usually minimal from breast lift surgery, some women are unhappy with the visibility of their scars. A breast lift revision with my techniques can help minimize scar appearance.


What do you desire?

Younger-looking breasts

With aging and exposure to the elements comes skin laxity and thinning.

In order to more fully support the breasts in their new higher position, acellular dermal matrices (ADMs) may be used, which reinforce the breast tissue to provide lasting results. The breasts are lifted to a higher position on the chest, and the shape is improved to restore youthfulness.

Sagging correction

Improved breast shape

Combined procedures




Recovery from breast lift surgery is roughly two weeks.

As you follow postoperative instructions to take any prescribed medications, limit heavy lifting, and avoid strenuous exercise, the recovery process should be fairly easy. Patients should arrange for someone to drive them home after surgery and assist them for the first 24 hours. Planning ahead for meals, help with childcare, and routine housework for the first two weeks will help simplify the process. .





Who is the best candidate for this procedure?

The best candidates for breast lift surgery are women with sagging, deflated breasts who do not need additional breast volume. To add volume, a breast lift can be combined with a breast augmentation. Patients who experience the best results do not smoke and are finished having children.

Where are incisions located with a breast lift?

Generally, one of three incisions can be used for breast lift surgery, and the one used will depend on the extent of correction needed. For the correction of slight sagging, an incision around the areola is sufficient (circumareolar incision), and the scar is difficult to detect since it follows the line of skin pigmentation. For more improvement, a vertical incision from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease is added to the circumareolar incision. Many refer to this combination as the lollipop incision. The vertical incision is the most visible but will fade significantly with time. To correct severe breast sagging, an incision that follows the natural crease beneath the breast accompanies the lollipop incision, and this is called the anchor incision.

Are results permanent?

Results with breast lift surgery are permanent unless the patient gains a significant amount of weight or becomes pregnant, since both will influence breast volume and sagging. If subsequent weight gain or pregnancy does occur, usually some extent of the results will be maintained. Your breasts will look better than they would have had you never chosen to get the procedure.

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