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Post-Significant Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight is an amazing accomplishment, but it is not without struggles. Patients who have reached their goal weight quickly want to find happiness and comfort in their improved bodies. However, it’s all too often that these men and women feel weighed down and trapped by the remaining excess skin and soft tissue. The sagging skin and residual fat are constant reminders of the way things used to be. This is why the restorative contouring procedures that we offer in our clinic are so important. By removing the last vestiges of obesity, we help these patients reclaim confidence in their appearance and enjoy, to the fullest extent, their new and improved bodies.

One Last Step to Complete Your Transformation

When we begin to discuss the idea of surgery to help complete this transformation, those of you that have lost significant weight often express frustration. Considering your history, this reaction is completely understandable. Whether you chose bariatric surgery as a last option or toiled for months to years with an intensive weight-loss program, it is a lengthy and exhausting process. To now be told that body contouring surgery is the only answer often feels insulting; however, it is the truth.

Those who have decided to proceed with surgery after significant weight loss often find the results to be cathartic. In a sense, those annoying areas of hanging skin are daily reminders of a difficult time in their life. Once they are removed, patients feel a real sense of happiness and closure. They have a much easier time exercising, and new doors are opened for clothing options that weren’t previously considered. Post-significant weight loss surgery can be life-changing.

The Roadmap to Natural Beauty

For most people, excess skin and fat are commonly found on the lower portion of the body. In those with significant weight-loss history, this can be extensive, not only on the belly but often on the hips, legs, and back as well.

Solutions: Abdominoplasty, Body Lift, Butt Lift, Thigh Lift, Smartlipo™, VASERlipo®, Cellulaze™, Combination

  1. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) removes loose skin from the belly and tightens the underlying muscles
  2. A body lift corrects sagging skin present on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and upper legs
  3. Thigh lift surgery eliminates hanging skin from the inner thighs
  4. Smartlipo™ is a liposuction technology that provides more controlled and customized fat while tightening the skin
  5. VASERlipo® removes fat less traumatically, and it can also be used with fat transfer procedures
  6. Cellulaze™ improves the appearance of cellulite on the hips and thighs


  1. Dramatic results
  2. Relieves skin irritation and painful chafing from hanging skin
  3. Restores a more desirable figure while yielding natural-appearing results
  4. Provides a more toned and defined abdomen, buttocks, and leg contour
  5. Can restore strength to weakened abdominal muscles

What do you desire?

A Leaner, More Toned Appearance

During your weight-loss journey, you have likely spent significant time building and toning your muscles.

However, your muscles may still be hidden under excess skin and residual fat. By surgically removing the excess skin, the tone and contours that you worked so hard to achieve will be visible. Restoring definition and slimming your physique improves the way clothing fits and enhances your overall quality of life.

To Feel Lighter and More Fit

Elimination of Painful Skin Irritations and Chafing

Confidence and Comfort in Your Body

What Are Your Concerns?


The length and intensity of your recovery will depend on the extent of correction needed.

Patients universally experience bruising, swelling, and redness following the procedure. Compression garments should be worn following surgery to minimize swelling and improve healing. You will need to limit your physical activity for the first four weeks after surgery. Patients can return to work within two weeks of surgery depending on job duties. Most of the post-operative swelling subsides within six weeks, at which time your final results will become much more visible.





Are multiple areas corrected during one surgery?

Combining procedures into one surgery is recommended. This reduces the number of recovery periods and allows for the greatest amount of change. More extensive cases may require a staged approach with two or three surgeries over several weeks or months.

Will my contouring results be permanent?

Weight gain or loss following surgery can affect your results. Additional weight loss can result in additional loose skin, while weight gain can add back volume in previously reduced areas. For that reason, I recommend that all my patients be at or near their goal weight before considering body contouring surgery.

Do the procedures correct poorly positioned navels and areolas?

Sagging skin can often cause your navel as well as your nipples and areolas to have undesirable placement. I can reposition these features during your contouring procedures to restore a natural appearance.

Will any of these procedures erase stretch marks?

Many patients have a noticeable improvement in the appearance of stretch marks after surgery. Procedures that remove skin, such as abdominoplasty, remove a majority of stretch marks with the excess skin. Stretch marks that remain after surgery will have an improved appearance.

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