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We believe that careful selection of a medical grade skin care product line, tailored to your skin type, is essential to maintaining and enhancing your natural beauty. Therefore, after thoroughly investigating all the available options, we have hand selected the most effective lines to be used in our office. They are comprehensive, easily combined with aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures and emphasize the use of natural ingredients. Set up an appointment today with our knowledgeable skin care specialist and they will help you find the products that are right for you.

The Most customizable Product Line on the Market
To further expand the skin care treatment lines that we offer in our clinic, we recently added 2 new lines from Image Skincare. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Image Skincare is a leader in the development of pharmaceutical grade skin care products. Their approach is progressive, focusing both on the consumer and the skin care specialist. They promote education along with their products, maintaining a level of integrity that is unmatched in the aesthetics field. Most importantly, it is ultra-customizable, suitable for any age group and skin type. This is critical as there is no standard approach to skin care. Every patient has a unique presentation, requiring a comprehensive and customizable plan. Image Skincare products allow us to offer this customizable approach in an effective and straightforward manner.

Image Skincare products are produced in the United States and developed by an internationally recognized collection of chemists working together with a comprehensive board of physicians. Their FDA-certified laboratory utilizes the most scientifically advanced formulas in today’s marketplace, focusing on superior ingredients that maximize results. It is this dedication to quality that makes this product line an excellent fit for our clinic.

A Focus on Natural Ingredients
As we have made a recent effort in our office to offer more natural skin care products, pairing up with Image Skincare was a good fit. They are dedicated to offering safe products without the use of chemical preservatives like parabens. The use of parabens as preservatives in cosmetics is controversial but clinical studies have suggested that parabens have potential health risks. Image Skincare was one of the first skincare companies to remove parabens from its product line. All of the lines of Image Skincare are paraben free and have the benefits listed below:

  1. Products not tested on animals
  2. No petrochemicals
  3. No chemical preservatives
  4. Fragrance composed with 100% essential oils
  5. Respect of the environment

We are excited about this new line and believe strongly that it will enhance the level of care that we offer at our Aspen and Denver offices.



The Natural Answer to Treating Your Skin
Episciences, makers of Epionce, have drawn upon 20+ years of intensive research and development to formulate this innovative and highly effective medical grade skin care line. Useful for almost any skin condition, including acne, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), dry climate irritation and changes with aging, it is designed to optimize the appearance and health of the skin. With a combination of proprietary treatment formulas, it uniquely works at the core of the skin’s own protective and reparative systems.
Through our own exhaustive research, we chose this innovative skin care line for our clinic. It is extremely effective, focusing on specific skin types and long-term skin health. Most importantly, it is one of the most natural medical grade skin care lines on the market. Therefore, you get the results you expect from our clinic without exposing your skin to unwanted chemicals and additives. It is a win win.

Restore the Power of Your Skin Barrier
Many skin care products are topical solutions that remain on the skin surface and provide no real therapeutic benefit. But Epionce is truly unique. It delivers a blend of active botanical ingredients, deep into the skin. Through this delivery process, your skin is given the power to fight the changes associated with aging and disease. Specifically, it improves functioning, restores the skin barrier and reverses destructive skin inflammation. This results in a stronger and healthier barrier that leads to smoother and more radiant skin.

Clinically Proven Results
In our clinic, a product must have a strong background in clinical testing before we recommend it to our clients. This is exemplified with Epionce products, which are rooted in hard science and are not an over-reaction to skin care industry trends. All Epionce clinical studies are performed by nationally recognized independent research organizations and adhere to the highest standards for clinical studies. The finished product is guaranteed to be safe and effective and works well as a standalone treatment or in combination with the aesthetic treatments and surgical procedures that we offer in our clinic.

Luxury Sunscreen that Takes Natural to a Whole New Level

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Our patients live very exciting and full lives. But looking good while having fun does not always go hand in hand. Therefore, in hopes of leveling the playing field we added Colorscience to our clinic. It is one of the most advanced sunscreens on the market. Great for daily use or after aesthetic treatments and procedures, it uses the most high quality mineral based ingredients while avoiding the unwanted chemicals present in other product lines.


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This sunscreen line, aptly named Sunforgettable, utilizes a proprietary lightweight mineral powder for long lasting, safe and non-irritating instant UVA and UVB sun protection. With a barely-there feel and a self-dispensing powder brush, the sheer formula is easy to apply and reapply throughout the day. The powder also avoids the greasy residue on your face and hands, common after application of lotion-based sunscreens. It is extremely water resistant and is offered in two strengths, 30 and 50 SPF.

As our patients champion an outdoor lifestyle, we have researched sunscreen options extensively. Colorscience is clearly superior. It offers a clear and even complexion while protecting your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and environment. The comprehensive shade options make it useful for any skin tone and it is by far the best option for sun protection with outdoor activities at altitude. Try it and you will not use another sunscreen again.

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