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Your beauty is unique. Therefore, using the common ‘one size fits all’ approach when enhancing and maintaining your natural beauty is really ineffective. With Exclusively Aspen, we have created a clear alternative. This innovative aesthetic treatment program addresses all your aesthetic needs and goals. It combines everything under one umbrella and avoids the piece meal approach. It is comprehensive and tailored to your busy lifestyle. As membership has numerous perks and benefits, there is no better way to refresh and restore your natural beauty.

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Your Plan

Exclusively Aspen is a members only program designed specifically for your unique aesthetic needs. Following the initial comprehensive complimentary consultation, a plan will be created that addresses all your aesthetic needs. The problems addressed include but are not limited to:

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  • Wrinkled and sun damaged skin
  • Sun spots, pigmentation and freckles
  • Melasma
  • Spider veins and unsightly leg veins
  • Loose and textured skin, especially on the face
  • Unwanted and unsightly hair
  • Stubborn areas of fat and cellulite
  • Changes of the face and hands related to age



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Exclusively Aspen Benefits

In addition to having a customized aesthetics program designed specifically for you, Exclusively Aspen Clients enjoy:

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  • Exclusive Offers.
    Throughout the year, special offers will be announced that will only be available to those who are participating in the program.
  • Priority Scheduling.
    Members will have priority with scheduling and are periodically offered exclusive after hour appointment times.
  • Membership Perks.
    For the term of your membership, all aesthetic and laser treatments are discounted 10 to 20%. Discount varies by service type.
  • Monthly Newsletter.
    Exclusively Aspen members will receive a monthly online newsletter containing news, events, and special offers a week before distribution
  • Complimentary Birthday Gift.
    Exclusively Aspen Clients will receive a complimentary gift the month of their birthday.



Your Membership

Membership is on a monthly basis and can be cancelled without fee at any time. Services will only be offered at Dr. Martin’s Aspen office.

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