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Can FaceTite™ Make My Neck Right?

BodyTite™ and FaceTite™ treatments are Topic #1 in our clinics these days. It now makes up the biggest portion of all our internet requests, and that number is rising. So what’s the deal? Why so much interest? Well, first and foremost, this procedure works. Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis is a powerful skin tightener that simultaneously improves your body contour by destroying pesky areas of fat. What's more, it does both of these things better than anything else on the medical marketplace. If you look at the skin tightening potential alone, BodyTite™ and FaceTite™ procedures tighten your skin 50-100% more than the closest competitors (like Smartlipo® and Ultherapy®).

Secondly, it is a viable alternative to undergoing a formal surgery. Why go to an operating room and undergo general anesthesia when you can get everything done in our office? It is as simple as walking into our clinic and giving us a few hours of your time. You are awake throughout the 1-2 hour procedure, but your comfort is maintained with local anesthesia. There is some discomfort during the recovery period, but this is short-lived and well maintained with pain medication. Also, depending on your initial area of concern, these procedures can mimic more invasive surgical results. Lastly and most importantly, the reason there is so much interest in these procedures is that our patients are smart. They know a good thing when they see it, especially the technology of BodyTite™ and FaceTite™. They appreciate how much potential these devices have, and they want us to educate them on their options.

What about those of you who have age-related loose skin and pesky areas of fat along your jawline and neck? Is FaceTite™ the answer? Does it live up to the hype? Having worked with this device extensively over the past few months, I can categorically say, “Yes!” FaceTite™ has such amazing potential for those of you with mild to moderate problems along the jawline and neck that I can recommend it without reservation. Now, it will not equal the results of a formal neck lift surgery, but with this approach you will achieve at least 50% of the change that surgery can provide. FaceTite™ is great option for those of you who don’t want to go through all the rigors of a formal surgery. Plus, I often combine these procedures with a mini lift surgery that can also be completed in the office while you're awake. With a mini lift surgery combined with the FaceTite™ procedure, you can start to approach the formal neck lift surgery results without the associated downtime, discomfort, and expense. This technology really has opened up options for those patients who are stuck in the middle. Most specifically, it has provided revolutionary opportunities for those in the middle who have age-related issues along their jawline and neck that are visible but aren’t so bad that a formal surgery is necessary. If you can relate to this description, then FaceTite™ WILL absolutely make your neck right!

Check out our video below to follow me through a recent FaceTite™ procedure of the neck. In this video, I show you the immediate results from this surgery and a comparison of the pre- and post-pictures at the 2-week follow-up appointment after surgery. Our patient was nice enough to describe on the video how she felt during the procedure. This video is a model example of how much potential this technology has when applied to the face and neck. Also, check out our BodyTite™ and FaceTite™ page for more information, and listen to our recent podcast on this technology. You can also take the Virtual Consult below to see if you are a candidate for this procedure. If you want more real time information, follow us on FaceBook or Instagram for weekly updates.

The Secret to a Good Face and Neck Lift: BALANCE

The Secret to a Good Face and Neck Lift: BALANCE

Beauty and balance are cozy bedfellows. The Greeks and Romans knew this thousands of years ago. Michelangelo realized this in the Renaissance with his statue of David. Considered one of the truest artistic recreations of human beauty, his statue of David is revered for its attention to balance and form (minus the large right hand!). Modern day architecture, even in its most abstract form, relies on the basic tenants of balance to appeal to all of us aesthetically. Therefore, although understanding the complexities of beauty can be difficult due to things like differing cultural influences, let us focus first on its strong but simplistic foundation.

Unconsciously, when we judge if someone or something is beautiful, we inherently look for balance. Scientifically speaking, balance in the human form is based on reproducible measurements that are desirable to the human brain. But in a macro sense, our perception of balance in human form is more of a gestalt—kind of like the old adage, “You know it when you see it.” This also applies to the alternative: when something is unbalanced, you notice it immediately. (Think overly injected lips!)

So, if you are considering a face and neck lift to counter the dastardly physical effects of father time, just remember the most important tenant: balance. Channel your inner Michelangelo and look at your face and neck as a whole. Consider them as one piece of marble that needs to be addressed as one project. Michelangelo once said that David was trapped in the marble, and his job was to free him with his chisel. Even while accepting the inherent hyperbole in that belief, there is no better summarization of aesthetic surgery of the face and neck. Your beauty is there already; we just need to free it from its current tethers.

Jowls, neck bands, wrinkles, sagging cheeks, drooping brows, and heavy eyelids all frame your neck and face like a locked door without a key. To cross that threshold to a world with improved self-perception, empowerment, and natural beauty requires a key to unlock the door. This key, in many cases, is aesthetic surgery. But unlike monolithic blocks of marble, which have no form, aesthetic surgery of the face and neck focuses on refining shapes that already exist. Consider another analogy found in nature: imagine clearing away the brush and downed trees in a mountain meadow to reveal all its beauty. The meadow has always been there; you just needed to clean up the effects of time in this beautiful spot in the world.

We have many resources on our site to learn about aesthetic surgeries of the face and neck. I invite you to study and educate yourself on all the possibilities. My motivation to write this post is less about education and more about my desire to support you along this journey as a board-certified plastic surgeon that focuses and excels in facial aesthetic procedures and surgeries.

My patients’ biggest concern before surgery is that they don't want to look “different”. And can you blame them? Look at all the garish and unbalanced examples in the media and pop culture. To me, these are offensive. It is these examples that motivate me professionally to show anyone who is interested that natural and balanced alternatives exist! In my hands, you will not look “different”. You will become a better version of you. We will just clear away the brush and debris that has collected over time. However complex the technical aspects of the surgeries may be, the philosophical approach really is that simple.

Check out the example below that shows a patient just two weeks after surgery. Also, I highly encourage you to listen to our podcast about face and neck lifts. It goes into excellent detail regarding these surgeries and what they can accomplish. Good luck!

The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows

A rhinoplasty, or nose job, is one of my favorite surgeries. It deals with the small, not the large. It requires a sincere grasp of three-dimensional sculpting. It is technically complex and requires a real attention to detail. Furthermore, it also requires that you have a full grasp of facial aesthetics. Changes planned with a nose job must also work with the rest of your face. Cultural backgrounds must also be honored, and restraint in regard to the surgical approach is often necessary. Thus, it is all these complexities and subtleties with nose jobs that offers a welcomed professional challenge to me on a weekly basis.

Nose jobs have 4 areas of focus: the tip, profile, bridge, and septum.

Area 1: The Tip of Your Nose

Often, this area is widened or misshapen. Surgically adjusting the shape and location of the cartilage of the tip of the nose can make it appear more refined and balanced. Depending on your presentation, the tip of your nose can also be raised or lowered.

Area 2: The Profile of Your Nose

People often come into my clinic complaining about a bump on their nose. They really hate how that bump makes their nose more visible from the profile, especially in photos! Therefore, as these bumps are comprised of both cartilage and bone, the excess of each is removed. This smooths out your profile and establishes a more desirable contour. Most importantly, your profile in photos will look better!

Area 3: The Bridge of Your Nose

Often, the nasal bridge is wide and needs to be narrowed. As the width of your nose is primarily dictated by the location of your nasal bones, these are repositioned to a narrower position. Although this maneuver is very transformative, it is also where most of the bruising comes from with this surgery. Trust me, the bruising is temporary and definitely worth it, as this often gives the most improvement to the nose.

Area 4: The Septum of Your Nose

The septum is the support structure that holds up your nose. It is also the barrier that separates the right and left nasal airways. Often, people complain that their nose is not straight and they have difficulty breathing through their nose. If your septum is crooked or bowed, this may be the reason your nose is not straight. This is easily addressed at the time of surgery with a septoplasty. A septoplasty takes out the crooked area of the septum so that the nose will appear straighter.

Nose jobs are fairly quick surgeries and take me only 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. General anesthesia is recommended, but the procedure can also be completed with intravenous sedation. We offer all surgical approaches in our office, including closed and open rhinoplasty techniques. The recovery is relatively short, and the discomfort is manageable with oral medications. The nose is often swollen for up to a few months after surgery, but the swelling will diminish by 50% within 2 weeks of the surgery and become manageable until it diminishes.

Check out our podcast on nose jobs, which is a great resource and goes into the details on my approach to this surgery. We also have a few short videos below that provide additional details for you. Lastly, check out our rhinoplasty procedure page to get even more information on this topic. Good luck!

Mountain West BodyTite Training Center Jason Martin, MD

Clash of the Tightens

Clash of the Tightens​

It’s not hyperbole to say that the medical aesthetics and plastic surgery industries are first and foremost devoted to tightening your skin. Skin tightening is the bedrock of most treatments and surgeries we offer. Practitioners in medical aesthetics offices spend hours every day on treatments that attempt to tighten skin and remove wrinkles.  While in plastic surgery offices, we spend a majority of our work hours in operating rooms, surgically removing areas of loose skin. It’s a non-stop war on skin laxity that has been waged for decades.

Smaller and Tighter

On a grand scale, there is a rhyme to the reason. At the root of it, we in these industries make specific areas of your body appear bigger, smaller, or tighter. With the exception of the breasts and buttocks (which the majority of patients wish to enhance), most people want unsightly areas on their bodies to be smaller and/or tighter. Put simply, most people want to tighten sagging skin and rid their bodies of surplus fat.

Pesky, loose skin and annoying areas of fat are the #1 and #2 complaints we hear in our clinics. The causes of loose skin are numerous: aging, weight loss, previous pregnancies, bad genetics, or all of the above. The causes of unwanted fat are also numerous and frustratingly self-explanatory. But it is okay to take a little comfort if you fall within one of these categories, as you are definitely in the majority! Instead of fretting, the next logical step is to determine the best action for you to improve your situation.

What are Your Options?

Some things in life never fail to cause stress and confusion, like IKEA furniture assembly instructions, managing your 401k, security lines at the airport, and my personal favorite, Siri. Even when you devote time to figuring them out, invariably you end up more confused and worse for the wear.

Unfortunately, you could easily add skin tightening treatments to that list. Even though we have a huge arsenal of devices on the market devoted to skin tightening treatments, there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on which device to use. After reviewing the data from Ultherapy® to Fraxel® and from Smartlipo® to VASERlipo®, you’ll find that each of these devices have their notable pros and cons. Up to this point, there has been no clear leader in skin tightening, and that has caused a huge amount of confusion in the medical aesthetics and plastic surgery industries.

As someone who uses many of these devices, I go out of my way to educate my patients on the general effectiveness of these treatments and procedures. In general (not specifically!), any technology that is external and non-invasive (like Fraxel®) will result in an estimated 10% improvement in skin tightness, whereas any internal technology that works below the skin (like Smartlipo®) will result in an estimated 10-20% improvement in skin tightness. For comparison, surgery that removes areas of loose skin will result in an 80-90% improvement, which is remarkably higher than these alternative devices.

Once you frame the improvements in skin tightening in the context of effectiveness as compared to surgery, you can see the inherent deficiency. But what about patients who cannot or do not wish to undergo surgery? Are we forced to settle for less effective treatment? Why can’t we have a device that tightens the skin more effectively than what is currently available, but doesn’t require us to go to the operating room?


BodyTite™ is the most promising skin tightening device that I have used in the office setting since I entered practice more than 10 years ago. With this device, we finally have an option for skin tightening that can mimic the results of some of the surgeries that remove loose skin. For the neck, arms, flanks, inner thighs, and other places on your body that are notorious for loose skin, BodyTite™ offers transformative results!

BodyTite™ is a dual-purpose device that has the power to assist in both skin tightening and fat reduction. It is powered by Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL), which also helps remove those pesky areas of fat often associated with areas of loose skin. Almost all BodyTite™ procedures are combined with at least a small amount of liposuction to maximize the “smaller and tighter” effect.

Even though the procedure is invasive and works underneath the skin, BodyTite™ can be performed with you awake using local anesthesia. A majority of the areas treated take about an hour to complete and require only one or two weeks of recovery. Any discomfort after the procedure can be maintained with oral pain medications, and most patients can return to work duties within three to four days after the procedure.

Having an office-based device with the potential to offer greater than 30% improvement in skin tightness is a huge bonus to our industry, and more importantly, to all our patients. The fact that BodyTite™ is now combined with liposuction is just the icing on the cake. In a single one-hour procedure, the #1 and #2 complaints in our clinics can now be treated with one device, and the best part? It doesn’t require an expensive trip to the operating room with general anesthesia.

If you are interested in this technology, click the link below to schedule an appointment. We have also included educational videos that describe the science behind BodyTite™ technology. Enjoy!



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