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Did you know that there were almost 1million “nose jobs” performed in the world last year? In the United States, Rhinoplasty is the third most common cosmetic surgical procedure. Reshaping…

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One out of every two men have to deal with breast enlargement in their lifetime. It’s called Gynecomastia it’s the number one problem men fix with cosmetic surgery. In this…

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J Plasma

Special guest Dr. Jack Zamora joins Dr. Martin and Amy to discuss the amazing results of the J-Plasma® device. J-Plasma® combines cold helium plasma with RF energy to remove fat…

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Did you know having a conversation with your anesthesiologist prior to surgery can improve your comfort level, recovery time and the outcome of your procedure? Special guest anesthesiologist Dr. Don…

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Special Guest, Registered Nurse Mina Muirhead joins Amy and Dr. Martin to discuss the latest injection treatments. How are injections preformed? Why should an expert preform your injections? Learn about…

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