BodyTite™ is the most promising skin tightening device that I have used in the office setting since I entered practice more than 10 years ago. With this device, we finally have an option for skin tightening that can mimic the results of some of the surgeries that remove loose skin. For the neck, arms, flanks, inner thighs, and other places on your body that are notorious for loose skin, BodyTite™ offers transformative results!

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  • Recent studies have shown that BodyTite™ and FaceTite™ have greater potential for skin tightening than any other FDA-approved invasive or non-invasive skin tightening device on today’s market.
  • Radiofrequency energy offers the most efficient means of lipolysis (fat destruction) when compared to technologies like laser-assisted lipolysis (Smartlipo®) and ultrasound-assisted lipolysis (VASERlipo®).
  • Advanced safety mechanisms, including internal and external thermal sensors that limit the likelihood of burns, make this device’s safety profile very desirable.
  • Recovery, including the amount post-operative discomfort, is decreased with the use of this device when compared to traditional liposuction.
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Are you a physician looking for more information about BodyTite™ or training at Dr. Jason Martin's Certified BodyTite™ Training Facility in Denver, CO?  We enjoy training physicians on this amazing technology and would love the opportunity to discuss it with you more.

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