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Digital Marketing for Doctors – Part 1

In part one of this two part episode special guest Doug Lundberg joins Dr. Martin and Amy to educate all of us on how Digital Marketing works. What are the common mistakes that most medical professionals make when marketing themselves online? What can you do to optimize your business and connect with your clients and patients using digital marketing? Find out on this episode of Beauty and the Surgeon.

Weight Loss

In this episode a special guest joins Dr. Martin and Amy to tell her story of her battle with obesity and how she was able to successfully lose weight and keep it off. After losing the weight she sought out Dr. Martin to help remove extra skin from her legs, arms, and stomach. They discuss the procedure, recovery, and her remarkable story of hard work and discipline. This inspirational interview shows how healthy lifestyle choices and support from loved ones can truly change your life.


Did you know that there were almost 1million “nose jobs” performed in the world last year? In the United States, Rhinoplasty is the third most common cosmetic surgical procedure. Reshaping the nose is a delicate and complex operation that requires both the artistic and technical skill of a surgeon. Dr. Martin and Amy discuss the details and science of the notorious “nose job”.


One out of every two men have to deal with breast enlargement in their lifetime. It’s called Gynecomastia it’s the number one problem men fix with cosmetic surgery. In this episode Dr. Jason Martin and Amy break down the causes of and solutions to Gynecomastia.

J Plasma

Special guest Dr. Jack Zamora joins Dr. Martin and Amy to discuss the amazing results of the J-Plasma® device. J-Plasma® combines cold helium plasma with RF energy to remove fat and tighten skin on many areas of the body. This procedure is safer, faster and more precise than previous methods and can replace more invasive surgeries.


Did you know having a conversation with your anesthesiologist prior to surgery can improve your comfort level, recovery time and the outcome of your procedure? Special guest anesthesiologist Dr. Don Merrill M.D. sits down with Amy and Dr. Martin to discuss how important anesthesiology is to having a successful surgical procedure. Dr. Merrill guides us through some of his methods and best practices for insuring his patients are comfortable and safe.

Self Image

Is how you see yourself the same as how others see you? Is self confidence and a positive self image beneficial to your physical health? Amy and Dr. Martin discuss how cosmetic surgery affects self image and how positive body image can help improve health and happiness.


Special Guest, Registered Nurse Mina Muirhead joins Amy and Dr. Martin to discuss the latest injection treatments. How are injections preformed? Why should an expert preform your injections? Learn about the science behind BOTOX®, KYBELLA®, Fillers, and more.

More Face Lifts

One episode isn’t enough to cover face lifts. This time Amy and Dr. Jason Martin get technical. How is a face lift preformed? What are the different types of face lifts? What surgical techniques are used? Answers to these questions and many more on this episode of Beauty and the Surgeon.

Optimizing Your Outcome

Did you know there are many ways to improve the outcome of your surgery? Taking care of your mental and physical health before and after surgery can make a big impact on your results and recovery. Amy and Dr. Martin discuss some of the many ways to prepare yourself for any surgical procedure.

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